The Woodhull School newspaper club is up and running (1)

Woodhull Newspaper Club Cultivates Budding Journalists

The Woodhull School newspaper club is up and running 

October 15 , 2021

The Woodhull Intermediate School newspaper club is cultivating a future generation of journalists. Guided by teachers Paula Gasparino and Dr. Vincenza Caruso, the student staff is enthusiastic to bring news and views to their classmates.

The Woodhull newspaper club is an exciting way to introduce our students to the world of journalism,” Mrs. Gasparino said. “Newspaper club at the intermediate grade level is a quick introduction to the ins and outs of investigative journalism. We are able to give students a chance to look at both print and online versions of foreign and local newspapers. The students learn the different parts of journalism and put their newfound knowledge into practice by creating their own school newspaper.”

Woodhull Principal Scott Oshrin is an energetic supporter of the club and he encourages students to give it a try and see what it is all about.

The Woodhull newspaper is all about students. It’s a vehicle for the youngsters to express themselves and to learn about writing, grammar, vocabulary and organizing their thoughts.

“It’s always exciting to see what piques their interest and what news they deem worthy of going to print,” Dr. Caruso said. “We are looking forward to the enthusiasm of our young journalists. They bring such joy and entertainment to our meetings. The students learn as they share information and knowledge with their audience.” 

The club is open to every Woodhull student. No particular skills are necessary. Just a willingness to learn, grow, express yourself and have fun.

“We are genuinely happy to be able to be able to have the newspaper club this year and work with all the interested students,” Mrs. Gasparino said.