New Woodhull Principal Scott Oshrin has created a Shout Out tradition at the school

Woodhull Shout Outs a New Tradition

New Woodhull Principal Scott Oshrin has created a Shout Out tradition at the school

October 8 , 2021

Woodhull Shout Outs. It’s a new program that’s sure to keep morale high at the school. Principal Scott Oshrin said faculty and staff members are already having fun with it.

“I started doing staff shout outs on a monthly basis,” said Mr. Oshrin, who is in his first year at Woodhull’s principal after spending many years as principal of Southdown Primary School.  “Staff members nominate each other and submit these items to me.  I compile the information monthly and send out an email to everyone. We also post their names on a bulletin board alongside the Student of the Month Award recipients.”

The opening weeks of the new school year have flown by in the proverbial blink of an eye.
“Thank you all for a great first month of school,” Mr. Oshrin told faculty and staff members. “I am proud to share our staff shout outs. Please keep these coming. It is so nice to see so many of you celebrating each other’s efforts.”

The latest round of Woodhull Shout Outs include:

Teacher aide Zaida Cortes: “She is always there for anyone who needs her.”
Teacher Rosemarie Rivera: “Rosemarie has worked so hard, spending so many hours outside the required school day, setting up her classroom and being prepared for her students. She’s got a positive personality and has been such a nice addition to the sith grade. She seems to have good class management skills, as when her class leaves the classroom, they walk quietly and orderly in the hallway. Simply put, her efforts have been noticed, and we are so lucky to have her here. Welcome to Woodhull!”
Teacher Rosemarie Rivera: “As a first year teacher, Rosemarie has come out of the gate with gusto, excitement and professionalism. We are privileged to have her on our team.”
Teacher Rosemarie Rivera: “Cute classroom décor.”
Teacher Katie Canales: “For coming to get me and my class for chorus because I didn't think it had started this week :) Always a team player!”
Teacher Ashley Williams: “She always has a smile on her face and always says hello in the hallway regardless of what else may be going on.”
Secretary Lisa Sciasia: “Handling attendance issues like a champ!”
Teacher Paula Gasparino: “Hard working and always willing to share materials!”
Teacher Desire Lahoz: “Is a great team player.”
Teacher Soraya Triessl: “For being showing perseverance (after grade level change)”
Teacher Mari DiGiovanni: “Motivated, hard-working, receptive to suggestions, approachable, willing to share”
Teacher Mari DiGiovanni: “I love how Mari had her class garden in the courtyard. The area they worked on looks beautiful!”
School nurse Kim Poepplein: “No matter how busy she is, she makes time to address all questions and inquiries with a friendly smile.”