Huntington High School senior Erik Flores Reyes

H-ton Senior Erik Flores Reyes Eyes Top Colleges

Huntington High School senior Erik Flores Reyes

October 4, 2021

Erik Flores Reyes is in the midst of a great run. The Huntington High School senior is excelling in every possible way, earning top grades in the classroom, taking on leadership positions in co-curricular organizations and competing on the Blue Devil cross country team. He is eyeing some of the finest colleges in the country as he plans the next stage in his life.

“This past summer, I spent several hours a day working hard and planning what I want to do in the near future,” Mr. Flores Reyes said. “I also went to different local places like movie theaters, restaurants and the beach. I also worked full time at Taco Bell in South Huntington. This will be my last year working there, which is sad, but exciting.”

Recognized this fall as a College Board National Hispanic Scholar, Mr. Reyes Flores is one of the top members of Huntington’s Class of 2022. Along with being an exceptional student academically, he plays key roles in several after school organizations .

“Some of the classes that interest me the most include Advanced Placement Computer Science A, AP Drawing and Italian III Honors,” Mr. Flores Reyes said. “I was thrilled to know that I would work with Mrs. Kristin Fortunato, but I was very disappointed to know that I would not be able to enroll in AP Latin this year. Yet, I am glad I will be working with Mrs. Kristin Singer in my AP Drawing class. Lastly, I am also excited to work with Mrs. Rosario Lorenzana in my career internship program and Signora Natalia Kopshti.”

The teenager has made several trips back and forth to El Salvador to visit his extended family. Mr. Flores Reyes said the Central American country is one of his “favorite places in the world.”

He has enjoyed exploring around the New York metropolitan area including to Liberty Island in New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty as was as to Six Flags amusement park in New Jersey.

“At first, I thought I would not be involved in any athletic activities, but I made a decision to go out for the cross country team. Hopefully, I will also be able to participate in track and field in the winter and spring seasons.”

The teenager has been inducted into eight separate academic honor societies and has harbored hopes of being able to become a member of a ninth; the Italian Honor Society.

“I am also eager to participate in clubs like United Amigos, the New World Club, yearbook and others,” Mr. Flores Reyes said. “I am one of the co-presidents of United Amigos and the treasurer of the New World Club.”

President of the Spanish Honor Society and secretary of the Science Honor Society, Mr. Reyes Flores said he plans on “commencing a partnership between the two honor societies to continue to open doors to their members and help the community.”

The senior said he is “also intrigued” about participating in other school activities, including the Art Honor Society’s Memory Project.

“I plan on furthering my education in the linguistics field, but my interest also leans towards the medical field,” Mr. Flores Reyes said. “Some of the colleges in my college list include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Colgate University and Vanderbilt University.”