October's Washington Ways Award recipients.

Washington School’s October Honorees are Impressive

October's Washington Ways Award recipients.

November 5, 2021

Washington Primary School students go about their daily routines with few complaints. The youngsters aren’t afraid to work hard or take on tough challenges. They’re flexible, too, and the enjoy helping each other or doing something special for their teachers.

The current school year is well underway and Washington students are happy, even with many COVID-19 restrictions and modifications still in place. The youngsters have adapted well, although they can’t wait to return to full normalcy, just like everyone else.

Principal Michelle Richards and Washington’s faculty and staff members were pleased to present awards this week to the top students in every classroom. They are an impressive bunch and proud, too.

The monthly Washington Ways Awards are cherished by students, who strive to be safe, respectful and responsible. Every youngster in the building hopes to one day be a Washington Ways Award recipient.

October’s honorees include:

Juliana Vujeva , Mary Marsala, Melvin Alcantara-Ochoa, Indigo Jimenez, Jesus Alvarado Villatoro, Kagan O’Neill, Natalia Lizama, Lily Bodnar, Freddy Guillen, Kency Pineda Castro, Yuval Barak Elitsur, Shiqi Liu, Matei Gaitan, Lucila Valiente Caceres, Dylan Jurrow, Raedyn Gunnarson and Jacob Arelt.

The entire classes of teachers Lauren Soskil and Kristin Thatcher were also recognized for their outstanding performance in an out of the classroom and all around the building throughout the month of October.