Huntington senior Cianna Batts is planning for a career as an English teacher

Senior Cianna Batts Eyes Career as English Teacher

Huntington senior Cianna Batts is planning for a career as an English teacher

November 4, 2021

Cianna Batts has enjoyed working with some great teachers over the years and the Huntington High School senior hopes to soon join that same profession. The teenager has set her eyes on a career as an English teacher.

“I’m highly considering going to CUNY-Hunter College,” Ms. Batts. “I love the environment a lot. I want to major in education and in the long run become an English teacher.”

Ms. Batts has taken stock of her interests and qualities and made a series of decisions that suit her well and that she is at peace with as she moves forward with her life.

“I’m far from athletic, but I find it important to place my skills where they can be useful,” Ms. Batts said. “I’ve been in the stage crew club since my freshman year and this year, I am the president. Everyone should come and see the fall play this Friday and Saturday.”

The senior has an engaging and easygoing personality. “This past summer I spent a lot of time at work and spending time with my friends,” Ms. Batts said. “I really prioritized my mental health and genuinely enjoying myself this summer and I think I was successful! I went on a quick family vacation to Dominican Republic which was also incredibly fun and a great way to experience a new culture.”

Ms. Batts has enjoyed a full Huntington experience: Interesting and fun classes, clubs, an internship and lots of friends.

“As a future English teacher, I definitely love English and literature courses,” Ms. Batts said. “Mrs. [Aimee] Antorino has always been one of my favorite and most supportive teachers in my high school experience. I also greatly admire Ms. [Anna] Fabela, my freshman year science teacher and now teaching mentor. She has taught me everything I know. Mr. [David] Moriarty is one of the few teachers to help me understand math and he’s always there to help in any situation, math related or not. Ms. [Victoria] Garbarino is probably the first and last adult to hear me sing. She’s an incredible teacher and an even better human being.”

Attending Hunter College in the middle of Manhattan will be an entirely new experience for Ms. Batts. But she is ready for that and really for anything that might come her way.

“Despite the hardships, I have enjoyed Huntington High School,” Ms. Batts said. “I’ve formed so many bonds with teachers, students and mentors that I don’t think I would have been able to form anywhere else.”