Woodhull School will welcome fourth graders next September

Woodhull Students, Teachers & Staff Doing Amazing Things

Woodhull School will welcome fourth graders next September

November 3, 2021

Woodhull Intermediate School has been an amazing place since it opened in January 1967. Although the students, faculty and staff have changed over many times since then, it’s still a magical place.

Woodhull students, teachers and staff are all doing amazing things during the 2021/22 school year. Yes, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s magic happening daily, both in and out of classrooms.

Principal Scott Oshrin recently presented the Woodhull Eagles Student of the Month Awards for October 2021. The boys and girls recognized are simply wonderful youngsters. They are all working hard alongside their classmates and having fun doing it.

The honorees include:
Fourth grade: William Dease, Kelvin Rodriquez Ramirez, Gabriella Zielinski, Ulices Castenda-Bautista, Byron Jimenez, Johnny Carter, Manuelle Hernandez Colon
Fifth grade: Patricia Abruzzo, Anne-Myriam Excellent Mesidor, Alan Bardales, Matthew Cruz Perdomo, Geimy Manzanares Castro, Abigail Arelt, Maylin Alfaro
Sixth grade: Jose Walter, Oscar Alfaro, Sebastian Mendia, Steven Benitez Arevalo, Fernando Villatoro, Lia Zivkovic, Juliet Johnson

The Eagle of the Month assembly was held virtually. Mr. Oshrin presided over the event, which was visible in each classroom. Each of the honorees will have their name printed on stars and hung in the main hallway. The students will also be given certificates.

Click on this link https://shorts.flipgrid.com/watch/21946368864813938 to view the short assembly.

A new tradition of shout-outs by his faculty and staff members to each other also continued in October. The individuals were cited for helping to make the first two months of the 2021/22 a time to remember at Woodhull Intermediate School.

The shout-outs included:

Carol-Ann Kinane: Carol-Ann has gone out of her way to help new teachers. She shares materials, is quick to follow up on questions, and reaches out in anticipation of upcoming events. She is professional and caring and a great role-model!
Tracey Corcoran: Ms. Coco is dedicated, hard-working, and always has a smile on her face. The kids love her too.
Christy Affrunti: Christy is so kind and helpful; she tries to find a solution to any issue and I appreciate her!
Carrie Postel: Always being on her A-game. Always a friendly face in the hallway.
Andrew Cumming: Delivering meaningful technology lessons.
Paula Ferraiolo: Spreading cheer throughout the building with her beautiful plants!
Todd Hiscox: Always readily shares art supplies. Let’s me borrow a class set of scissors for a project and some sharpies to decorate class pumpkin.
Wendy Verme: Wendy has been helpful, kind, willing to assist at all times, and attentive to the children. She has been an asset to our class thus far.
Mary Guzman-Lewis: Ms. Guzman-Lewis brought the idea of Unity Day to our schools and I think it was an awesome idea. While we worked collaboratively on the project, she really took the lead. I appreciate her energy, humility and hard work.
Jahaira Felix: She is always so happy and willing to help with any task needed. She has a great rapport with the kids and shares her positive energy with all of us.
Janet Meyers: Janet always checks on others to make sure they feel supported.
Keith Meyers: For all he does to keep the Greenkill tradition alive. Thank you.
Laurie Jovans: She is an inspiring and creative teacher!
Danielle Walsh: Cheerful and willing to try new approaches with timid students.
Paula Ferraiolo: Always willing to assist and help out during the entire day.
Elaine Leon: Elaine is always looking for new fun ways to get her students to learn math. Her students love coming to her class and they learn so many new things each day. Elaine also always shares these activities so I can use them too. Thank you Elaine, for not only making your students’ day brighter and but my day brighter too!
Amy Smoller: Always being so helpful and positive.
Christina Droskoski: Always working so hard and being so positive.
Karen Swanson: Always explaining everything so perfectly and being so positive no matter the situation.
Keith Meyers: Keith is an amazing teacher who cares about his students greatly. I have seen him bend over backwards to find whatever way possible to help his students succeed. He is kind, funny, not the most computer savvy, but he tries. Even though he doesn’t speak Spanish, I’ve seen him try his very best to help his ENL students succeed. Keith you’re amazing!
Mike Ryan: Mike always adheres to your sub plans. When you return the next day, the work has been covered and you don’t have to worry that you've lost ground. The students like him and respond well to him. I’m always glad to have had Mike as my sub when I am out.
Mary Guzman Lewis: Mary has been an excellent addition to the Mental Health Team. She is proactive and kind. She has begun to make relationships with students who need support and guidance.
Betsy Flanagan: Betsy tirelessly supports our staff. More important, she is a great friend and an excellent teacher!
Jason Suarez: On the night of the nor’easter, my planbook and some student work had fallen out of my bag somehow as I left. Jason found it in the parking lot on Tuesday and salvaged the book and some of the work. Lifesaver!
Junette Gunter: For dedicating her time and energy each day to the students and for being a caring and thoughtful coworker