Stony Brook University has become an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world.

Senior Joe Rombaldi Chooses Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University has become an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world.

May 26 , 2021

Joe Rombaldi is interested in pursuing a degree in engineering and the Huntington High School senior has chosen one of the top colleges in the country for that academic discipline: Stony Brook University.

“I first learned about Stony Brook a few years ago through a cousin who was going there and was a member of the university’s marching band,” Mr. Rombaldi said. “He said that he loved it and then I got interested in learning more. I again heard from a friend at work that she was going to Stony Brook and that she loved it and she and a friend even gave me a tour around the campus a few weeks ago. The campus is fairly large and I really liked the atmosphere of the housing and the buildings.”

 Huntington senior Joseph Rombaldi is headed to Stony Brook University.
Huntington senior Joseph Rombaldi is headed to Stony Brook University.

Mr. Rombaldi hasn’t quite made up his mind as to which specific discipline within the engineering field that he ultimately wants to focus on “as it seems like all of the branches have great programs at Stony Brook,” he said. “I am not sure what specific career path I will take, but I am currently looking at chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering or computer science.”

The senior is a wonderful student. He has earned very impressive grades while pursuing many challenging courses.

“The classes, programs and activities in Huntington have been a big help in preparing me for college,” Mr. Rombaldi said. “Specifically, Advanced Placement World History, AP US History, Chemistry Honors 10, AP Physics and AP Calculus AB have been an immense help in furthering my academic reach,” Mr. Rombaldi said. “I do feel like Huntington High School has prepared me for college as much as I can be prepared for. When moving to a higher level of education there will always be hiccups and roadblocks, but I feel like Huntington has given me a good baseline as to where I should be in preparation for college.”

Mr. Rombaldi said he “definitely plans” on getting involved with Stony Brook’s athletic bands, “especially the marching band as I really enjoyed being a part of the Huntington Blue Devil marching band.”

The teenager is also “very interested” in Stony Brook’s American Chemical Society chapter, the RC Flying Club, Stony Brook Robotics “and some others,” he said.

Mr. Rombaldi has learned a lot these past four years and he believes there are some essential courses that every Huntington student should consider enrolling in.

“I believe that AP World History/Global History and AP Physics/Physics are the two classes that I feel really help to prepare students for college and onwards,” Mr. Rombaldi said. “The World History classes give you a better perspective on the history of the Earth and of civilizations, which is important to provide greater context of the world we live in and to show the mistakes of the past and the importance of progression. The Physics classes also do something fairly similar, although instead of giving historical context it can really help to give greater scientific context to how the world functions and why it works as it does. Both of these classes are step up in the amount of work given compared to earlier classes, which can help to prepare students for the workloads they will get in the future.”

Mr. Rombaldi said there are “definitely a few specific teachers that have had a massive impact on me.” The senior has always sought to develop productive relationships with all of his teachers and classmates.

“Mrs. [Dame] Forbes got me way more interested in chemistry,” Mr. Rombaldi said. “I loved her class and I learned a lot about opportunities in science through her class as well as with the Science National Honor Society. Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi really helped me develop the greater sense of work ethic that is needed in order to succeed in college. I have always loved learning about history and her enthusiasm for history was a great motivator for learning. Finally, Mr. [Brian] Stellato is one of the most influential teachers that I have had in high school, mostly due to his role as director of the Huntington Blue Devil marching band. His great instruction and charisma are what brought me to love our music program and what influenced me to get more involved in it. Especially with the marching band, as it has been one of my greatest high school experiences and has shaped my personality and relationships.”

While Mr. Rombaldi might be going to college close to home, Stony Brook University draws its student body from all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world. The campus and classrooms are thriving melting pots of personalities and cultures.

“Huntington High School is a wonderful learning environment, where I and many others have been given the opportunity to get a high level of education while having great relationships with teachers and other students alike,” Mr. Rombaldi said. “My journey through high school has been an eventful one and the family that I have had the privilege of being a part of is so great that it is hard to describe with words.”