The Finley co-ed cross country team displayed plenty of potential this spring

Finley Co-Ed Cross Country Builds for Future

The Finley co-ed cross country team displayed plenty of potential this spring

May 19 , 2021

The J. Taylor Finley Middle School co-ed cross country team featured a nice group of 16 runners this spring. The squad was very competitive, winning several meets while dropping a few others by a narrow margin.

Finley teacher Jarrad Richter coached the team, which was captained by Robert Giordano, John Joyce and Dana Saramago.

The top three girls’ runners on the team were Kiley Barch, Jamyn Husselbeck and Louisa Skrobela. The fastest runners on the boys’ team were Joyce, Giordano and Ben Soric.

“Kiley was great for us all year, consistently finishing in the top three,” Richter said. “She has a bright future in cross country.”

Husselbeck and Skrobela also turned in sensational performances throughout the season. “Jamyn and Louisa did a great job this year,” Richter said. “I’m looking forward to what they can do next fall.”

The Finley boys’ team endured some growing pains. “It was a tough season for the boys, but John, Robert and Ben improved by leaps and bounds over last year,” Richter said.

“I’m proud of what the girls’ and boys’ teams both accomplished this year,” Richter said. “They worked hard in practice, made great improvements in their times and didn’t back down.”

Looking ahead to next fall, Richter is optimistic. “Captain Dana Saramago will be returning along with a great group of seventh grade girls,” the coach said. “Ryan Donovan will be returing on the boys’ side.”

The roster also included seventh graders Grace Gordon, Mia Johnson, Kiera McGuire and Claire Parks; and eighth graders Edmilson Cruz Catota, Felicity George, Amalia Heinz and Molly Hodgkinson.

The fall season will begin in early September. Interested in joining the Finley co-ed cross country team? Send a message to Coach Richter at