SUNY Geneseo has become one of the nation's most selective, highly regarded public colleges in recent years.

Senior Isabella Algieri Chooses SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo has become one of the nation's most selective, highly regarded public colleges in recent years.

May 19 , 2021

Isabella Algieri is delightful to be around, which makes her one of the most popular members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2021. She’s bright, articulate, optimistic and funny. The teenager is a leader and she’s a great athlete, too. The senior is headed to SUNY Geneseo where she has already sized up all the opportunities and activities that await her.

“There are a plethora of reasons as to why I chose a SUNY Geneseo,” Ms. Algieri said. “The campus is absolutely stunning and everyone is so kind there. I can see myself really thriving there.”

 Huntington High School senior Isabella Algieri.
Huntington High School senior Isabella Algieri.

Widely known as Bella, the teenager is integrally involved in life around the high school. She gravitates toward clubs that help others and through which she tries to make a difference near and far.

“I feel anxious, yet so excited to embark on my college journey and that is because of the amazing staff and friends I have made here at Huntington,” Ms. Algieri said. “Through clubs and classes I have learned so much about hard work along with perseverance. Though it’ll be sad to depart from everyone, it’s exciting to see what everyone accomplishes.”

While she has enjoyed an absolutely wonderful experience at Huntington High School, Ms. Algieri is also excited to be on the cusp of something very new.

“There are so many clubs, teams and activities that Geneseo offers,” Ms. Algieri said. “I’m excited to continue helping the community.”

When the senior looks back on the dozens of classes she has taken in Huntington, a few really stand out and she thinks others should consider taking them, too. “I really enjoyed astronomy at Huntington along with many other courses like physics,” Ms. Algieri said.

The teenager is treasurer of the Class of 2021. She loves Huntington High School and has worked with her classmates to make it a better place for everyone.

“I have been lucky to be a part of student government, Interact Club, Habitat for Humanity, Natural Helpers, Relay For Life, girls’ soccer and track,” Ms. Algieri said.

While her time as a high school senior is growing ever shorter, Ms. Algieri is making every minute count.

“Looking back, it really is true that Huntington is a family,” Ms. Algieri said. “Through turbulence, we have all just gotten closer and stronger. The people that surround me at Huntington make me who I am today.”

Ms. Algieri’s classmates, teammates and friends all prize her loyalty, encouragement and considerate personality. She’s always there with compassion and kindness when its needed.

It will be very difficult to say goodbye to the place she has called home for so many years and leave behind so many friends, but Ms. Algieri understands it’s all part of growing up and moving on with life as an independent young woman.

“Huntington is so special because we are all a family,” Ms. Algieri said. “I have made friends that I hope to keep forever. Along with this, I have gained the most well-rounded education. I will always remember the teachers that have worked so hard and that have cared so much. Along with this. the memories I have made with friends during school, extracurriculars and events. I will especially miss the feeling of being at home. I will always be a Blue Devil!”