Huntington High School senior Charlotte Maggio plans to attend North Carolina State University.

Senior Charlotte Maggio Chooses North Carolina State

Huntington High School senior Charlotte Maggio plans to attend North Carolina State University.

May 6 , 2021

Charlotte Maggio is one of the most well-liked members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2021. She’s a star in the classroom and in the athletic arena and is an all-around wonderful young woman. The teenager is excited about her college plans, which include studying at North Carolina State University.

“I visited NC State and I fell in love with the beautiful campus and the fun spirited atmosphere,” Ms. Maggio said. “Having the city of Raleigh just outside of the campus is a huge plus. NC State is also an amazing STEM and engineering school. I’m looking to study biology or possibly bio-medical engineering.”

 Huntington High School senior Charlotte Maggio .
Huntington High School senior Charlotte Maggio

Ms. Maggio is a great student and regularly earns top grades across the board. “I’ve taken some of the most challenging Advanced Placement classes Huntington has to offer and feel these courses have really prepared me for college and the type of work that is expected,” she said.

The teenager has been a three-sport athlete for the Blue Devils, playing on the varsity soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams. She is much-loved by her teammates and coaches and is known for always giving Huntington her best effort.

“At NC State I plan on getting involved in club lacrosse and possibly club volleyball,” Ms. Maggio said. “Since I’ve played sports my whole life, I don’t think I’m quite ready to give them up yet. I’m also extremely excited to look into North Carolina State’s amazing study abroad programs and hopefully do a semester abroad because I love traveling and trying new things.”

An indispensable course that Ms. Maggio believes every Huntington High School student should consider taking is the science research class. “It was a really fun, interesting and different class,” she said. “I definitely recommend that students interested in research should take it for at least a few years. I learned so much on how to conduct and execute college level research projects, which I know will come in handy for when I am away at school.”

The senior is very popular with her teachers who enjoy her upbeat and humorous personality and respect her work ethic and sharp intelligence. Ms. Maggio might be headed far from home to study for a college degree, but she will always remember the teachers she has worked with, especially a certain science department faculty member.

“Mr. [Joseph] Cohen was my freshman year biology teacher and he made my first year of high school seem not so scary,” Ms. Maggio said. “To this day, four years later, I’ll still visit pretty often because he’s someone I know will always be there and always enjoy a quick conversation with him.”

In less than two months, Ms. Maggio will join the ranks of Huntington High School’s alumni. Her time in the district has passed by quickly.

“These four years at Huntington High School have really shaped me into the person I am today and I’m so grateful for all the amazing memories I’ve had,” Ms. Maggio said. “I wouldn’t trade my high school experience for any other.”