Huntington High School announced its 2021 Distinguished Seniors

Huntington High School Celebrates its Distinguished Seniors

Huntington High School announced its 2021 Distinguished Seniors.

March 22 , 2021

An exceptional group of 124 Huntington High School Class of 2021 members have captured the distinction of being called Distinguished Seniors after turning in years of exceptional classroom performances.

“We are always exceedingly proud of our Distinguished Seniors, who have made their academic mark over the course of seven semesters,” Principal Brenden Cusack said. “This group of seniors, however, is to be commended on not only achieving at such a high level, but doing so while still in the midst of extraordinary times. These students have demonstrated a great deal of dedication and pride in their studies and we will do whatever we can to recognize them accordingly.”

 Huntington High School announced its 2021 Distinguished Seniors
Huntington High School announced its 2021 Distinguished Seniors.

The seniors are destined to attend many of the most highly regarded colleges and universities throughout the country and even Europe. They plan to study across dozens of academic areas and pursue careers that run the gamut of possibilities.

Celebratory plans to honor the teenagers are still taking shape due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on group gatherings. An announcement is expected later this spring.

“This group has so genuinely earned every accolade coming its way,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “The fortitude, resilience and positivity demonstrated by members of Huntington’s Class of 2021 have set the standard for all. It is comforting to know that their commitment to learning and to the betterment of society will influence future generations, both locally and beyond. On behalf of the school district community, I extend my heartiest congratulations to each of them and their families.”

A colorful journal being compiled with portraits and snapshot profiles of each of the scholars. Copies of the publication will be available for viewing and download on the school district website at

Huntington’s Distinguished Seniors of 2021 include Brenden Abedin, Ryan Aguirre, Isabella Algieri, Alexa Amorison, Joshua Bailin, Alexander Bellissimo, Aidan Bender, Alexander Berg, Sarah Biernacki, Torin Bograd, Aidan Bonn, Danielle Brite, Ava Brosnan, Mia Brown, Chloe Buffone, Johanna Campos-Moreira, David Canas Granados, Taylor Case, Niurca Chabla-Leon, Aaron Chin, Jazmynn Clark, Matthew Colavecchio, Adora Colay, Kyle Colleluori, Nathaniel Deegan, Andrea Delcid Ayala, Isabella DiBenedetto, Nina Drakulich, Jackson Dunn, Marina Durand, Katherine Eichenberger, Jessica Erhardt, Matthew Fallon Jr., Alex Fascilla, Jordan Forte, Naidely Fernandez Gutierrez, Ethan Franciscovich, Juliana Friebolin, Thomas Fucci, Jailyn Fuentes and Jack Giamo.

The honorees also include Sarah Giarraputo, Alex Gonzalez, Lauren Gooding, Zachary Gordon, Isabelle Grenier, Maren Grosso, Emma Guba, Robert Harrington, Aidan Heller, Angelica Hernandez, Kemberlin Hernandez-Veliz, Rebecca Hoffmann, John Holly, Christina Hornstein, Owen Husselbeck, Brianna Isaza, Jaden Italiano, Ricardo Jandres, Lillian Joseph, Saahil Kapoor, Grace Kenny, Caroline Kilgour, Timmeree Koepele, Anna Koulakova, Sasha Koulakova, John Krisch, Jack Kurathowski, Aiden Lefebvre, Jessica Lemus, Samuel Levine, Ainsley Lumpe, Mackenzie Madison, Luke Maffei and Charlotte Maggio.

The top seniors also include Juliet Marinello, David Marroquin-Lopez, Evan Martinez, Angie Mata, Catherine McCooey, Ethan McGuinness, Grace McKean, Harrison McKenna, Andrew McKenzie, Trevan Meagher, Gabriel Morales-Flores, Carolina Moreira-Ibarra, Gabriel Moskovitch, Eliana Ng, Joseph Nicotra, Jeffrey Ochoa-Alvarez, Joseph O’Connell, Lily O’Heir, Nathaniel Otto, Jorge Parada Cisneros, Gemma Pellegrini, Gianna Prosseda, Samir Rathore, Gracia Renkewitz, Nathan Ribando, Alexa Rind, Rosa Rivera, Julie Rogel, Valerie Rogel, Joseph Rombaldi, Ludis Romero and Richard Rongo.

Katia Sanchez Fuentes, Cameron Santa-Maria, Angel Santiago, Andreas Sefarian, Christopher Segreti, Kate Sheran, Ella Siepel, Andrew Spina II, Tess Stanley, Julia Steinberg, Miles Tierney, Gabrielle Trimboli, Nicholas Tudisco, Adamaris Ventura Sanchez, Grace Wildermuth, Bryan Wong and Robin Zheng have also been recognized as 2021 Distinguished Seniors.

Huntington held its first commencement on July 18, 1862 at the First Presbyterian Church on Main Street opposite the school building (where Town Hall is currently located.) Diplomas were presented to six seniors.