Huntington High School senior Luke Maffei.

Luke Maffei on a Roll as a Huntington Senior

Huntington High School senior Luke Maffei.

March 1 , 2021

Luke Maffei is in the midst of a great year. The Huntington High School senior is enrolled in many interesting courses and is participating in various honor societies, clubs and sports. His college plans are coming into clear focus and his career interests are taking shape.

“This year I am taking Advanced Placement Computer Science with Mr. [Nicholas] Wagner which I find very interesting,” Mr. Maffei said. “The class is challenging at times and it really makes you think. I also enjoy learning Spanish with Mrs. [Lorena] Hickey and AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics with Mr. [James] Graber.”

A fine student academically, Mr. Maffei is a member of the high school’s National Honor Society and English Honor Society chapters. He volunteers with Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity club and participates in the Key Club and student government, too. “I hope to get more involved with each of these clubs as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to clear up,” he said.

The teenager is also athletic. He intends to run with the Blue Devil varsity spring track and field team. That season begins in late April and extends into June.

“Over the years at Huntington, I have formed a large core group of friends,” Mr. Maffei said. “Teachers like Mrs. [Amelia] Saggese, Mr. [Joseph] Cohen and Mrs. [Kristina] Morell are super down to Earth and easy to talk to. My guidance counselor, Mrs. [Evelyn] Hernandez has been amazing and has done a great job helping me make decisions throughout high school. Mrs. [Bernadette] Walsh has also been great in assisting me with the college process.”

The senior has always worked well with his teachers, using each of the experiences to help him grow intellectually.

“Mr. [Michael] Graziano is definitely a teacher that I will always remember,” Mr. Maffei said. “He’s a great guy with a great personality who always keeps the class engaged. I wasn’t a fan of geometry, but with Mr. Graz as my teacher, I looked forward to class every day.”

The senior’s advice to incoming ninth graders? “Join a lot of clubs and play sports,” Mr. Maffei said. “Try to be involved and stay motivated.”

Mr. Maffei has been busy formulating plans for his future, including college and career interests. He’s given both a lot of thought along with his goals.

“I am interested in attending Binghamton University, University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, University of Rhode Island, University of Delaware, University at Buffalo, SUNY Cortland and the University of Tampa,” Mr. Maffei said. “I am undecided on what I want to study at this point, but I plan to pursue a career in the business field.”

When he comes time to depart Huntington, Mr. Maffei will leave behind many friends and incredible memories of his time spent in Huntington UFSD and the community at large.

“My experience at Huntington has been fantastic,” Mr. Maffei said. “I have made a ton of great friends and I have participated in many clubs and sports. I’ve even gotten to travel to new places like New Orleans last year with Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity club. Not only did we get to help build a home for a person in need, we also explored the city of New Orleans and it’s unique culture. Overall, the entire trip was a great and memorable experience.”