Huntington High School's McKenna Buffa is one of the town's top young poets and writers

McKenna Buffa Thrives at Huntington High School

Huntington High School's McKenna Buffa is one of the town's top young poets and writers

June 28 , 2021

McKenna Buffa loves to write and she’s really good at it. The Huntington High School sophomore recently was among the top honorees in the town’s annual youth writing contest.

“I really enjoy writing creatively since there are no specific rules or guidelines to follow,” Ms. Buffa said. “You have the freedom to just write what you feel and let your emotions speak for themselves. One of my favorite things about writing poetry is that it can mean something different to everyone. Writing a poem may have helped you express one feeling and then another person could read it and connect it to their own life in a completely unique way, which is so cool to me.” 

The teenager is an excellent student and she’s earned very high grades. She does well in every class, but Ms. Buffa has personal interests that she especially enjoys.

“English has always been one of my favorite subjects,” Ms. Buffa said. “This year, my English class with Ms. [Aimee] Antorino was a lot of fun. We read really interesting stories and were able to have meaningful discussions as a class despite being hybrid for the majority of the year.” 

Ms. Buffa is highly regarded by her classmates. She is a kind and considerate young woman who is nice to everyone. Her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life shines through her engaging personality.

“Over the past two years I’ve been able to try a lot of different clubs and activities,” Ms. Buffa said. “I am the recording secretary of the Environmental Club, an administrative assistant for Key Club and a member of the chamber orchestra. I also play on the varsity tennis team. I’m thinking about trying spring track next year, too.”

The teenager is already interested in New York University. “I really love the location,” she said. “I have a really wide range of interests so I’m not sure what I want to study right now.” 

With two more years at Huntington High School, Ms. Buffa is excited about the courses, clubs and teams she plans to participate in and she hopes to keep meeting new and interesting people in the melting pot that comprises the building and its students and staff.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Huntington High School so far,” Ms. Buffa said. “This school has surrounded me with so many amazing friends and teachers and I’ve made countless fun memories already. I’m really excited to see what the next two years have in store.”