Huntington senior Aidan Bonn has captured the 2021 Fred Cambria Award.

Aidan Bonn Garners Fred Cambria Award

Huntington senior Aidan Bonn has captured the 2021 Fred Cambria Award.

June 25 , 2021

Huntington High School senior Aidan Bonn is this year’s Fred Cambria Award recipient. The teenager plans to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University in the fall.

It was nearly impossible to attend a Huntington athletic event and not find Fred Cambria somewhere near the sidelines. The Blue Devils biggest fan was especially enthusiastic when it came to football and lacrosse. His son Fred played on the Syracuse lacrosse team that won the 1983 national championship. Even when his children weren’t directly involved in a sport, you would still see him providing his support.

Huntington Director of Athletics Georgia D. McCarthy said the Fred Cambria Award “is dedicated to a man who understood the meaning of respect, sportsmanship and community.”

The Cambria Award is presented “to a player who shows great sportsmanship and enjoyment toward the game of lacrosse.” The award carries with it a $200 stipend.

Mr. Cambria, who passed away suddenly many years ago, continued to support the Huntington lacrosse program even after his own children had graduated. He was known throughout the community and by the Blue Devil coaching staff as a pleasant man with a lively and upbeat personality.

Mr. Bonn has been one of the most aggressive, skilled and dedicated Blue Devil lacrosse players and he has been the glue that held his teammates together. His on-field communication skills are second to none.

The teenager said his approach to success “is being able to balance academic and social responsibilities.” He’s enjoyed developing relationships with his teachers and establishing a diverse set of friendships.

Mr. Bonn traveled with the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter to New Orleans to help erect housing there for people in desperate need.

The senior has also played on Huntington’s varsity football team. He plans to pursue a degree in marketing at Fairleigh Dickinson and play on the university’s lacrosse team.