Huntington senior Arianna Guerrero.

Senior Arianna Guerrero is Sweet & Kind to Everyone

Huntington senior Arianna Guerrero.

June 16 , 2021

Senior Arianna Guerrero is sweet and kind to everyone she crosses paths with at Huntington High School. The teenager has thoroughly enjoyed her four years in the building and she’s looking forward to the future, including a move down south and a job in an industry she has come to appreciate.

Ms. Guerrero is well known for being helpful in class and for getting all of her work done right and on time. She especially loves math and reading.

The teenager has learned a lot in Personal Finance and Money with teacher Erica Murphy-Jessen. Ms. Guerrero also has an artistic side and she has enjoyed taking Creative Crafts; it’s one of her favorite classes.

A move to South Carolina lies ahead for Ms. Guerrero. She hopes to work in either a clothing store or in a library after graduating later this month

In her free time the senior enjoys reading, exploring social media and playing soccer. Ms. Guerrero also takes delight in playing soccer with her younger siblings.

The teenager enjoys being in the company of her classmates, who make her laugh. While Ms. Guerrero has been studying virtually this year, remote education hasn’t stopped her from fully participating and interacting with the classmates she holds dear.

Ms. Guerrero found value in participating in Huntington High School’s job skills program. “My experience at John’s Crazy Socks was awesome and fun,” the senior said. She had the opportunity to pick and pack socks for a variety of customers.

Her advice to incoming freshmen? “Stay in high school and don’t stress about things too hard because high school can go by so fast,” Ms. Guerrero said. She also suggests that incoming freshmen try their best to “make new friends” and lasting memories.

As she prepares to graduate, it’s safe to say that Ms. Guerrero will never forget the teachers and classmates she has spent so many happy days with at Huntington High School.