Huntington senior Vivienne LaVertu.

Senior Vivienne LaVertu Makes Plans for Future

Huntington senior Vivienne LaVertu

June 15 , 2021

Vivienne LaVertu is a splendid young artist who has developed an interest in pursuing a career in cosmetology. The Huntington High School senior is planning her next move so she can take her talents to the next level as well as seeking full time employment in the field.

The teenager can do it all, from coloring, styling and cutting hair to satisfying customers with an overall pleasant and happy approach. But Ms. LaVertu has other interests, too. “I am also still interested in using my photography and artistic skills to make a living and satisfy people in the future,” she said.

Ms. LaVertu has navigated her way through these past four years in her own unique way, discerning her interests and then pursuing them with enthusiasm.

“Huntington has allowed me to choose electives by showing me how there is more out than just drawing and shooting photos or cutting hair at Wilson Tech,” the senior said, “It’s not all easy in some areas and there’s no shortcut to success, even if you’re doing something you’re still really good at.”

The teenager is a friendly young woman who treats everyone with kindness. “During my first three years of high school I formed countless friendships and I am grateful to have had so many experiences and opportunities to learn from and better my character,” Ms. LaVertu said.

Taking classes with some of her best friends, participating in school events like homecoming festivities and even just chatting in hallways for a few minutes at a time are all highlights of Ms. LaVertu’s past four years.

“I’ve had the hardest time making friends for my whole life and the high school experience really helped improve that,” the senior said. “I also absolutely adore my teachers; they are very kind and understanding and really are there for you when you need it. People just have to trust them.”

Ms. LaVertu has developed some short term and long term plans. “I am definitely planning on working a couple of jobs when I come back from my month long road trip down south and also getting my driver’s license,” she said. “I later want to get my cosmetology license, and see where life goes from there. I know I am a bit behind most people my grade, but going at my own pace is much better, especially given the circumstances.”

The teenager is a big proponent of vocational and technical training and education, the type of classes that Wilson Tech specializes in for the 18 school districts that comprise Western Suffolk BOCES.

“I feel students should take tech because there’s plenty of career choices that students can pursue in the future in a fun and realistic way,” Ms. LaVertu said. “For example, I take tech for cosmetology and there’s a lot more to it than dyeing and cutting hair. You have to take specific precautions while cleaning. You must present yourself in a way that will satisfy customers and you must work on clients based upon their specific and personal requests.”

Ms. LaVertu believes in “doing it your own way” and she encourages others to consider that approach, too.

“For anyone in the community preparing for the future, don’t rush yourself; you all have a lot of life left,” Ms. LaVertu said. “Plan for yourself and do it at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. Make friendships. You only have one high school experience so get involved, join clubs, do tech and be kind and civil to one another. And please, do not take any of that for granted.”

Ms. LaVertu will graduate as a happy Huntington senior. “I cannot pick any one teacher as my favorite because they are all really nice and understanding and they all teach in their own style and I feel that favoring one over someone else is unfair,” she said.