Northeastern University is a top ranked college in Boston, Massachusetts.

Senior Rebecca Hoffmann Chooses Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a top ranked college in Boston, Massachusetts.

June 10 , 2021

Rebecca Hoffmann has jammed an awful lot of wonderful experiences into her four years at Huntington High School. A credit to herself, her family and the community in general, the high achieving senior is headed to Northeastern University in Boston to study for a career in medicine.

“I chose Northeastern because of the vast opportunities that were there for me,” Ms. Hoffmann said. “Between being in the lively city of Boston and the co-ops that Northeastern has, I know that the school will help me to pursue a career in the medical field. Additionally, since I was accepted in the honors program, they hold many opportunities for students in the program to travel and collaborate with people with my same interests.”

Ms. Hoffmann is an articulate, insightful and incredibly talented teenager who has excelled in her classes and been one of the leaders of Huntington’s music program, including the Blue Devil marching band.

“Huntington has prepared me for college greatly,” Ms. Hoffmann said. “Throughout my four years here, I have taken various Advanced Placement and honors courses, where the course loads were heavy and at some points challenging. However, it pushed me to my greatest potential and forced me to work hard and focus. I am grateful for that.”

The senior has been impressing Huntington’s faculty ever since her earliest days of kindergarten at Washington Primary School. She is fun to be around and her friendly personality makes her popular with classmates.

“At Northeastern, I definitely want to take part in co-ops, which are like internships with major companies that the school offers during your time there. I am hoping the co-ops will help me to further solidify the career path I want to go into and make connections. I also hope to join many clubs and groups to meet other people and grow my interests at college.”

Ms. Hoffmann gives off a vibe that she can do anything; be anything. It’s not that she has a boastful nature. She’s just so capable and always finds a way to master whatever it is she decides to undertake.

“Two courses I think were super helpful and a must take at Huntington are economics and AP Language,” Ms. Hoffmann said. “This year, I took AP Economics with Mr. [James] Graber and although at times the class was challenging, it taught me a lot of aspects of the economy that I did not learn in any other course I took in high school. AP Language and Composition with Ms. [Victoria] Geier was also a class I saw as super beneficial in high school, because it helped further my writing skills to help me with not only my school writing, but also my college essays and applications.”

Wise beyond her years, Ms. Hoffmann used her time at Huntington High School to her advantage. She got to know her teachers and drew from them knowledge and inspiration.

“Two teachers I think impacted me the most are Mr. [Michael] Schwendemann and Madame [Deidre] Mayer,” Ms. Hoffmann said. “Mr. Schwendemann was only my teacher this year, but through the many interactions we had throughout my four years here, he has acted as both a comedic relief and an overall great teacher. Madame Mayer has been my teacher for all four years of high school and I was able to create a bond with her that I am so grateful for. She helped me grow from freshman year to now in the lessons she taught me and the help she has provided throughout the years, as well as providing me with a class where I was able to meet some of my best friends.”

Ms. Hoffmann will always be welcome around Huntington High School and teachers expect her to visit them from time to time and update everyone on how her college experience is going.

“I think one take away from Huntington High School that other students should follow is to take advantage of all the opportunities that are given to you,” Ms. Hoffmann said. “Between clubs, sports and school events, Huntington has so much to offer and I don’t regret any of the decisions and experiences I have had in these four years. I hope future grades to come also decide to take advantage of all the school has to offer because, although it sounds cheesy, time definitely does fly by.”

Huntington High School senior Rebecca Hoffmann.
Huntington High School senior Rebecca Hoffmann.
Northeastern University is a top ranked college in Boston, Massachusetts.
Rebecca Hoffmann is joining her brother, Ryan at Northeastern University in Boston.