Huntington senior Niurca Chabla-Leon plans to study at Adelphia University

Senior Niurca Chabla-Leon Chooses Adelphi University

Huntington senior Niurca Chabla-Leon plans to study at Adelphi University

June 3 , 2021

Since coming to Huntington UFSD as a fourth grader, Niurca Chabla-Leon has been a model student, working hard and valuing every single day of classroom education. The Huntington High School senior has completely mastered two languages and is on the high honor roll. She plans to attend Adelphi University and study for a career as an art teacher.

“I chose Adelphi because it was close to home and I fell in love with the university the first day I got there,” Ms. Chabla-Leon said. “It felt I was supposed to be there.”

The teenager plans to study art and design education. “My career interest is to become an art teacher and work with elementary students,” Ms. Chabla-Leon said. 

 Huntington High School senior Niurca Chabla-Leon
Huntington High School senior Niurca Chabla-Leon

Leaving the friendly confines of Huntington High School and heading off to college is obviously a major change in life for the teenager. “I feel nervous,” Ms. Chabla-Leon admitted. “But I know I am going to be fine because of the way Huntington has prepared me.”

The senior plans to join an art club at Adelphi “and other clubs that involve volunteering in the community,” she said. “In my sophomore year, I plan on applying to get an internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.”

Ms. Chabla-Leon doesn’t recommend any one particular course to Huntington underclassmen. “Because it depends on the person,” she said. “But if you like having a good laugh in class, I recommend taking a course that has Mr. [Michael] Schwendemann and Mrs. [Barbara] Noble, such as Multicultural Literature and Holocaust in Literature. Also, take at least one art class because it can be calming and very fun.”

Many teachers have “had an impact” on the teenager “and I will always be grateful for that,” Ms. Chabla-Leon said. “I think Mrs. [Kristin] Singer has had a great impact on me because she inspired me to want to become an art teacher. That’s why I am interning with her this year.”

 The senior wants the greater Huntington community to know what a gem they have in the high school and what teachers try to do for every student that passes through the doors.

“Huntington High School is there to support you and cheer you on,” Ms. Chabla-Leon said. “It feels like a community that is always going to be there for you. I am grateful to attend this amazing school.”