Huntington Class of 2021 member Brenda Acevedo plans to attend Ithaca College.

Brenda Acevedo Wins NYS School Business Officials Award

Huntington Class of 2021 member Brenda Acevedo plans to attend Ithaca College.

July 26, 2021

The Association of School Business Officials of New York has awarded Huntington High School Class of 2021 member Brenda Acevedo a $500 scholarship in recognition of her exceptional achievements and future potential in the field of business.

Superintendent James W. Polansky presented the award on behalf of Huntington UFSD Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services Dr. Kathleen Acker during Huntington High School’s senior scholarship night ceremony.

Founded in 1948, ASBO New York’s members are recognized as experts in school finance and operations and leaders in education. The organization supports the professional growth of its members and serves as the leading resource on school finance statewide while advocating for quality education for all students. The group boasts about 2,600 members representing 659 school districts and BOCES units and 300 companies.

Dr. Acker currently serves on the ASBO New York Suffolk chapter’s executive board as treasurer. She will be the organization’s vice president next year and when the term for that post expires she will assume the group’s presidency.

Ms. Acevedo plans to attend Ithaca College and she has already become quite familiar and comfortable with how the school operates and what it has to offer.

“Since I started attending the virtual sessions of the school, I was amazed by all the incredible things that Ithaca has to offer,” Ms. Acevedo said. “In the sessions that I attended the hosts of the call always looked full of energy and they made you feel like part of their community. I felt very comfortable with them. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the campus in person due to COVID-19.  I will be fine and happy to be at Ithaca this fall and can’t wait to see the campus in person.”

Ms. Acevedo plans to pursue a degree in business administration and management. “Studying business has always been one of my interests since I was 13 years old,” she said. “My career interest is to own a business in Mexico and provide work to people who graduate from college back there and are unemployed because there are not many job opportunities for them.”

The teenager feels she was well prepared for college during her time in Huntington. “I appreciated the support of my teachers, who believed in me and prepared me for the future,” Ms. Acevedo said. “My friends also gave me their support by cheering me up. I feel nervous, but ready to start a new chapter in my life.”

Ms. Acevedo plans to get involved in Ithaca’s club program, join intramural and club sports and “meet more people,” she said. “I am considering joining the rowing club. I am also planning on pursuing a double major in communication management and design, so I can join the Park School, which is the most famous school at Ithaca College.”

The new Huntington alum said she considers perseverance and dedication to be the keys to her success. “Be curious and explore new things,” Ms. Acevedo advises. “Learn something new every day. I always try to be committed to my work and go for help when I don’t understand something.”

Huntington teachers Kelly Quintero and Eileen Gonzalez have “had a very big impact” on Ms. Acevedo’s life. “I had Ms. Quintero as my English teacher when I was a junior,” the teenager said. “I remember approaching her to tell her my situation about my English, which was not very good at the time and that perhaps the class was going to be difficult for me. Since then she always gave me her compassion and support. I would stay to take extra help in her free hours to improve my writing and reading. Ms. Quintero is an amazing person and I am very happy that I met her. Without a doubt she will be a person who I always remember and appreciate a lot.”

Ms. Acevedo and Ms. Gonzalez met shortly after the teenager enrolled at Huntington High School and took the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test. She eventually saw a hallway flyer for the New Work Club. Ms. Gonzalez is the group’s faculty advisor.

“I attended a New Work Club meeting and liked the atmosphere,” Ms. Acevedo said. “I would meet with Ms. Gonzalez very often to talk about the club and other things. Ms. Gonzalez is a person who makes everyone feel welcome and part of the community. I will always remember all the support that she gave me and the fun we had with the other club members.”

Ms. Acevedo’s advice to Huntington students returning to the high school for the 2021/22 school year? “Make the most of your stay while you are in high school because time passes very quickly,” she said. “I highly recommend joining the clubs the high school sponsors. For example, New World Club is amazing because you can be part of a community and have a good time with others.”