Huntington High School senior Emily Ramirez-Bravo

Emily Ramirez-Bravo Develops College & Career Plans

Huntington High School senior Emily Ramirez-Bravo

January 28 , 2021

Emily Ramirez-Bravo has learned so much about herself, her classmates and friends and her college and career interests these past four years. The Huntington High School senior is in the midst of formulating plans for an exciting future.

“Currently I’m taking computer graphics and ceramics and it is quite fun to work on the art projects,” Ms. Ramirez-Bravo said. “Some classes that I am looking forward to are my Criminal Justice class and my Mystery Literature class. I’m looking forward to working with Mrs. [Kasmira] Mohanty most of all because so far it has been fun working on graphic designs and the environment she creates is by far my favorite place to be.”

The teenager said she’s interested in an type of extracurricular activity that encompasses art. Ms. Ramirez-Bravo is always looking to explore and further develop her already impressive talents.

The senior’s closest friends are Angie Mata and Jessica Ortiz. Ms. Ramirez-Bravo has also been close to high school English teacher Kelly Quintero.

“A piece of advice coming from me for an incoming freshman has to be, be yourself, don’t let others influence you and have fun,” Ms. Ramirez-Bravo said. “Don’t stress about the little things and make lots of friends.”

The senior is “very interested” in both CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Stony Brook University. “I have been wanting to study criminology and forensic psychology,” Ms. Ramirez-Bravo said. “Ever since I was younger I have always wanted to be a criminal investigator and take part in solving crimes.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic is upended the nature of Ms. Ramirez-Bravo’s senior year, she does not seem overly disturbed. The teenager is remaining confident and is overall optimistic.

“I think that my experience at Huntington High School will be forever memorable,” Ms. Ramirez-Bravo said. “I’ve made many friends and lost some, but it left me with many memories that I won't be forgetting any time soon.”