Huntington High School senior Alexander Berg

H-ton Senior Alexander Berg Eyes Career as Attorney

Huntington High School senior Alexander Berg

January 28 , 2021

Alex Berg is one of Huntington High School’s best students. The senior has worked hard in the classroom and been thoroughly engaged in after school activities. He intends to study at the University at Albany in preparation for a career as an attorney.

“Some courses I am very interested in this year include Advanced Placement Environmental Science and AP Psychology because I believe they are very interesting to learn about and I think they are things that everyone should know as common knowledge,” Mr. Berg said. “These are definitely classes that can have an impact on how you live. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work teachers like Mrs. [Nicole] Cooper and Mrs. [Sarah] Buchalter, who is one of my favorites. They always make class fun and help adjust to students’ learning styles.”

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Berg hopes to be able to participate in the Natural Helpers program and perhaps even help put together this year’s high school yearbook. “I would also love to play basketball for senior year, but I doubt COVID-19 will give me the chance,” he said.

“My closest friends are Ethan Fransicovich, Brandon Ireland, Joey Nictora and Nick Tudisco,” the teenager said. “Mr. [Edward] Florea, Mrs. [Amelia] Saggesse and Mrs. [Suzie] Biagi have been the best teacher mentors I could’ve asked for as they are always open and willing to give advice on any topic I ask. They were also very helpful in my college processes. They are definitely some of my favorite teachers, but as far as teachers go, I’ve had no complaints for Huntington.”

“One teacher that has really stood out would be Ms. [Suzie] Biagi,” Mr. Berg said. “She was extremely over the top helpful when it came to my recommendation letter. I had her three consecutive years and loved every class. She is very interested in helping students reach their full potential. Although she gives tough love, she really is one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever met. She has some of the best work ethic out of all the people I know and I respect her very much for it.”

Mr. Berg’s advice to incoming high school freshmen? “Do all your homework,” he said. “It’s insane how much it really helps both your grade and knowledge of the topic. Even if you are a really bad test-taker, doing your homework will make you remember the topic better and a bad test grade won’t destroy your average. Homework is the key to good grades in Huntington.”

The senior is headed to the University at Albany in the fall and “I am extremely excited about it,” Mr. Berg said. “I have applied for the 3 + 3 law program, which would benefit me greatly by taking a year off my law school. I would like to go into my father’s business as one of his lawyers. I’m not exactly sure what kind of lawyer yet, but I will find out quickly once I’m in college.”

The 3 + 3 program is a joint degree initiative between the University at Albany and Albany Law School, combining a bachelor’s degree and law degree in a six year program

“I have personally loved Huntington High School,” Mr. Berg said. “I had a lot of fun while I was here and made a lot of new friends. Huntington has really interesting electives and all of the teachers make every class enjoyable. I really loved my Huntington experience and I know many people who can say the same.”