Huntington High School senior Jack Kurathowski

Jack Kurathowski Enjoying Great Huntington Experience

Huntington High School senior Jack Kurathowski

January 28 , 2021

Jack Kurathowski has been an essential member of the Huntington High School community these past four years, making contributions in classes, clubs and sports in his own special way. The senior has been excelling in the district since his first day of kindergarten at Washington Primary School and he’s looking to graduate on a high note in a few months.

“This year I am interested in all of the courses that I am taking, but I am particularly interested in my both my Advanced Placement US Government and Politics course with Mrs. [Sarah] Buchalter and Bible Literature with Mrs. [Kelly] Krycinski because both teachers are very engaging and I am interested in both subjects as well,” Mr. Kurathowski said.

The teenager has been heavily involved in the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, even traveling to New Orleans with the group to build housing for a family in need.

Mr. Kurathowski has also participated in Huntington’s student government and he’s played on the Huntington-Northport ice hockey team that’s a perennial Suffolk power.

“I would say that one teacher that really stands out to me is Mr. [Michael] Graziano,” the senior said. “He has a lot of personality and knows how to keep the class engaged. I was always excited to go to Geometry that year even though it wasn’t even my favorite course because I always knew Mr. Graz would bring something new to the table every day.”

The teenager’s best friends throughout high school have been John Holly, Alex Fascilla, Nate Deegan, Luke Maffei and Jack Krisch. “I have been best friends with John Holly since we were at Washington and I have been friends with the rest of them since before high school as well,” Mr. Kurathowski said.

A member of the National Honor Society, Mr. Kurathowski has also been inducted into the Science Honor Society, Math Honor Society and Social Studies Honor Society.

“One very important piece of advice that I would give to an incoming freshmen is to have a set of goals for yourself that you will work towards throughout your high school career,” Mr. Kurathowski said. “These goals can range from getting good grades to joining as many clubs as possible. This will give you something to work towards so that you will have no regrets come senior year. You will really see the benefits of this once it’s time to apply to colleges because then you will have many more options for your future.”

Mr. Kurathowski is applying for admission to Binghamton University, Marist College, University of South Carolina, Siena College, University of Delaware, Fairfield University, College of Charleston and Indiana University.

“When I get to college I would like to study business/entrepreneurship as my major and political science as my minor,” the teenager said. “When I graduate college I would like to own my own business or work in finance.”

Well-liked by his classmates and teachers, Mr. Kurathowski is on the high school’s high honor roll in recognition of his exceptional academic performance across all subject areas.

“Overall, I feel like my experience at Huntington High School has been great,” Mr. Kurathowski said. “I have made a lot of great new friends; I have participated in clubs and sports, during which I gained new experiences and I even got to visit new places like New Orleans. I am also very thankful for the Huntington teaching staff that has positively impacted me and so many other students.”