Huntington High School senior Sasha Koulakova.

Sasha Koulakova Eyes Plans to Study Marine Biology

Huntington High School senior Sasha Koulakova.

January 27 , 2021

Sasha Koulakova loves science and the Huntington High School senior hopes to continue studying at Stony Brook University, with a particular specialization in marine biology.

“This year, I’m most interested in my Advanced Placement Environmental Science course,” Mx. Koulakova said. “I’ve always been curious about environmental science as it pertains to marine biology and I’m looking forward to learning from Ms. [Nicole] Cooper and working as her assistant.

A longtime member of the Blue Devil fencing program, the teenager is unable to suit up this winter, but will be participating in many clubs. “This year, I’m in Et Cetera, GSA and the Environmental Club,” Mx. Koulakova said. “I’ve always loved creative writing and I’ve always wanted to learn more about LGBT+ subjects and environmental subjects.”

The senior is well-known and well-liked throughout the high school building. “Being able to connect to my friends through my classes, even if it’s mostly online, has been really helpful this year,” Mx. Koulakova said. “In Orchestra or Fantasy Literature, I always look forward to seeing familiar faces after spending all day at home. The orchestra teacher, Mr. [James] DiMeglio has made the class a lot of fun and encourages every student to work hard and improve and is always there to assist in case of instrument trouble. He also chooses really fun music.”

The teenager interacts effortlessly with their teachers who all admire and respect Mx. Koulakova, who has earned stellar grades over the past four years.

“One teacher I’ve had for many years is Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi,” Mx. Koulakova said. “I took World History, AP World History and American History with her, and every year has been a lot of fun. She made me appreciate history in a light I hadn’t prior to that point; that it wasn’t just a textbook to learn, but lives lived by people throughout time just like myself. She put everything into perspective, and encouraged hard work in her students, which suited my style of learning.”

Mx. Koulakova’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “My suggestion is to say yes whenever you can,” the senior said. “Teachers will often offer opportunities outside of school like contests or programs and they’re usually really fun and worth your time. Because of those, I went to a free marine biology summer camp; I participated in a contest for my digital art (which I never thought would happen) and I joined the Science Olympiad.”

The teenager hopes to study biology at Stony Brook University with a specialization in marine biology. “My goal is to become a research who helps learn more about ocean creatures and how to save them,” Mx. Koulakova said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the senior is determined to make the five months remaining before graduation meaningful.

“I love going to Huntington,” Mx. Koulakova said. “The teachers in every subject have been amazing throughout my high school experience, the clubs are fun and my friends go here. I’ve already mentioned the opportunities the teachers give their students and a lot of that has to do with the effort this school puts into connecting everyone to various programs and clubs. I really appreciate all that this school has allowed me to achieve.”