Huntington High School senior Thomas Fucci.

Thomas Fucci Feels Well-Prepared for College & Beyond

Huntington High School senior Thomas Fucci.

February 4, 2021

Thomas Fucci has gone from Washington Primary School kindergartener to Huntington High School senior in what seems to be the blink of an eye. The teenager is in the final months of completing his degree requirements while simultaneously finalizing his college plans.

Mr. Fucci has earned a spot on the high school’s honor roll. He works hard and takes his classes seriously. “This year, I have been most interested in Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition and Spanish V Honors and I have enjoyed working with Mrs. [Kelly] Quintero and Mrs. [Elizabeth] Casazza,” the teenager said.

The senior’s closest friend is fellow senior Nate Deegan. The two attended Washington Primary School together and have remained close ever since.

Mr. Fucci also developed a wonderful relationship with high school Spanish teacher Michael Gavilan when he studied with the faculty member as a sophomore. “He really stood out to me since he made the class so fun and enjoyable and he was an overall amazing teacher,” the teenager said. “He’s easily the reason why I am now in Spanish Honors.”

Mr. Fucci’s advice for incoming Huntington freshmen? “I’d simply recommend to take school very seriously and to work hard in each of your classes, especially if you are trying to attend a good university,” he said.

As the school year continues in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Fucci is doing his best to stay on top of all of his classes and do well in each of them.

“At this point, I am most interested in University at Buffalo, Syracuse University and St. John’s University,” Mr. Fucci said. He plans to study business management and hopes to start his own business.

As he nears the end of his long trek through Huntington UFSD, Mr. Fucci took time to reflect on his journey. “Overall, I feel like my experience at Huntington has been a great one and it has truly prepared me for what’s to come next,” he said.