Huntington senior Erik Reyes is headed to Boston College

Senior Reflects on Full College Scholarship

Huntington senior Erik Reyes is headed to Boston College

December 23, 2021

It’s understandable that Erik Reyes needed time to catch his breath after learning that he had captured a full scholarship to attend Boston College.

“The process of getting admitted to Boston College with a full ride was very long,” Mr. Reyes admitted. “I started the application process early in the fall. I applied to the National College Match through QuestBridge. In order to submit my application to 12 of the 40 college partners, I had to be selected as one of the finalists.”

 Erik Reyes is reflecting on his full scholarship to Boston College.
Erik Reyes is reflecting on his full scholarship to Boston College.

On October 19, the senior learned he was, indeed, selected as a national finalist in the very competitive program, which allowed him to submit applications to the colleges he had prioritized.

“This was a binding process, so I could not apply through early decision to other schools in case I was matched with a QuestBridge college partner,” Mr. Reyes said. “I ranked MIT, Boston University, Tufts University, Boston College, Colgate, Columbia and Duke as my top choices. Being matched with one of these schools would mean that I would get a full four-year scholarship to the school and had to withdraw all my other applications. After I submitted my supplemental applications by October 1, I was in a waiting period until December 1. I was very anxious to hear back from QuestBridge and see if I got matched with any of these schools.”

On the appointed day of December 1, Mr. Reyes received an email from QuestBridge at about 3 p.m. “I was so scared to open my application portal to check,” he said. “My hands were shaking while I opened the results and realized that  I had been matched with Boston College. The instant I opened this message, I was filled with joy and excitement.”

The full scholarship will cover tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and even travel expenses. Named a College Board National Hispanic Scholar last fall, Mr. Reyes is one of Huntington’s top seniors.

“Winning this scholarship gave me hope,” Mr. Reyes said. “It also took a lot of stress off my shoulders. I am so thankful that there are organizations like QuestBridge that give so much to students.”

Mr. Reyes has been reflecting on his good fortune as well as about the group of very special people who have played roles in his success.

“Now that I received a full ride to Boston College, I look back and realize that there were so many people at Huntington High School who gave me so much support,” Mr. Reyes said. “I could not have done this without Bernadette Walsh. She helped me so much when I had to submit my applications to the different schools. She gave me so much hope and I am just so thankful to have her in our school. My three recommenders also gave me so much emotional support when I was waiting to hear back. Kristin Singer was like a mother to me. She inspired me to keep doing what I am doing. Eileen Gonzalez and Deborah Beck also wished the best for me.”

Mr. Reyes has also come to a few other realizations. “Now that I am committed to Boston College, I look back and see that Huntington High School has become my home,” he said. “I am surrounded by so many kind and supportive people. I will always be a Blue Devil.”