Two new half year forensics courses are coming to Huntington High School

Trustees Create New Half-Year Forensic Courses

Two new half year forensics courses are coming to Huntington High School 

December 16, 2021

Huntington High School students will have more options in the future after the Board of Education approved creation of Forensics I and Forensics II courses, effective for the 2022/23 school year.

Forensics is currently a full year course and as such, students aren’t always able to fit it into their respective schedule. Two half-year courses are expected to work better. Officials peg estimated enrollment to run as many 170 sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“These course are proposed in order to provide flexibility related to science electives for students,” states the course rationale. “Separating the full year course into two half-year courses will allow for a greater level of student exposure to popular coursework.”

The Subject Matter Council and the district’s Educational Development Committee earlier reviewed the proposed courses prior to Huntington School Board members approving the new classes.

Forensics I “will focus on the scientific principles of crime investigation, including systematically obtaining data and applying scientific processes to understand the details of a crime/crime scene,” according to the new course proposal reviewed by trustees. “Students will learn the history and theory of forensics and relate general scientific principles to the field of forensic science.”

Students in Forensics I will learn about the importance of investigation and the legal process involved in accurately questioning, hypothesizing, analyzing data, concluding and communicating.

Forensics II “will focus on additional students and the application of forensic science,” according to the course proposal. “They will learn about the importance of handwriting, ink and forgery within document analysis, mortuary science (i.e. creating an autopsy plan) and forensic toxicology. Students will also develop an understanding of the role of a forensic anthropologist and forensic serology.”

Teachers will perform whatever additional curriculum writing is required.