Huntington's mock trial team is prepping for this year's case (4)

H-ton Mock Trial Team Pores Over 2022 Case

Huntington's mock trial team is prepping for this year's case

December 13, 2021

The competitive juices are already flowing for Huntington High School’s mock trial team, which enters the new season with the same goals it has every year; county and state championships.

This year’s lineup features many seasoned courtroom veterans along with a cast of very promising newcomers. Members of the group have been meeting to review skills and techniques associated with serving as prosecuting and defending attorneys as well as witnesses.

How to pose and answer questions, think quickly on your feet and develop concise, clear and hard-hitting arguments have all been covered during these early season sessions.

Suffolk has many powerful mock trial teams. There are no sure victories. Every squad must be respected. Huntington knows this. Attorney Xavier Palacios serves as the Blue Devils’ volunteer legal advisor. Suzie Biagi and Gregory Dieterich are the team’s faculty advisors.

“Our team has started preparation for the upcoming season,” said senior Emily Geller, who plays a key role for the Blue Devils. “We recently received this year’s case, which is based on a Ponzi scheme. It is super interesting. I am definitely looking forward to this year’s competition as this case is like nothing we’ve seen before! I am also super excited as we have in-person trials this year. We haven’t been in person in a year and a half, so I cannot wait to get back into action. We have a very talented team and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish.”

Weekly matches will commence on February 2 and run through March 2. The top 16 teams will vie in weekly playoff rounds. The county championship trial is scheduled for March 30. The state finals will be held in Albany on May 22-24.

“The mock trial team is looking really good,” said senior Chris Maichin, a top Blue Devil attorney. “We have a nice mixture of both new-comers and returning members and are starting to get a good grasp of this years’ case and what it’s all about. We are still in the preliminary stages of developing the case, but I can already tell we are going to bring the same preparation, skill and intensity this team has in years past.”

Huntington will square off in regular season trials against Southampton, Bay Shore, Brentwood and Babylon.

“Mock trial is going very well,” said senior Ashley Genao, one of the Blue Devils’ veteran stars. “We continue to work hard, especially now that we have received the case. We are currently going through the case thoroughly and will then start working on our direct examinations. I know I’m very excited for this year especially, since it’s my senior year, I can’t wait to go very far with this team and hopefully get that championship!”