Woodhull Principal Scott Oshrin announced the Eagle of the Month Awards (1)

Woodhull Recognizes Students & Staff

Woodhull Principal Scott Oshrin announced the Eagle of the Month Awards 

December 3, 2021

The Woodhull Intermediate School community recently took a time-out to celebrate students, faculty and staff members.

Principal Scott Oshrin presented the Woodhull Eagle Student of the Month Awards for November 2021. The boys and girls who were honored are an exceptional group of young people. They are all striving to do their best and are working closely with their teachers to have the very best experience possible.

The honorees include:

Fourth grade: Luis Argueta Guzman, Kennya Alvarado, Lianny Lopez, Sutter Flynn, Angie Perlita Ramos, Jennifer Gutierrez Sanchez
Fifth grade: Edwin Lopez, Emely Rodriguez Umana, Mauricio Garcia Aparicio, Emily McCarthy, Yaqueline Zelaya, Jacqueline Guardado Mejia, Cristian Padilla Mejia, Hector Merlos Campos
Sixth grade: Nathaly Alfaro Maldonado, Cameron Batts, Emmet Cocoman, Kayvon Pittman, Mia Giugliano, Gian Karlos Bracero, Christian Guandique

The Eagle of the Month assembly was held virtually. Mr. Oshrin presided over the event, which was visible in each classroom. Each of the honorees will have their name printed on stars and hung in the main hallway. The students will also be given certificates.

Click on this link https://shorts.flipgrid.com/watch/22734829635502817 to view the short assembly.

A new tradition that has taken hold at Woodhull this year involves shout-outs by faculty and staff members to each other on a monthly basis. The individuals were cited for helping to make the current school year something special at Woodhull Intermediate School.

November’s shout-outs include:

Mary Guzman Lewis: She responds so quickly to student concerns. I don’t know how she is able to get it done so fast. She is understanding and always willing to go the extra step to help.
Nicole Smith: Her friendly demeanor, willingness to collaborate, dedication to her students, optimism, wit and humor make her a pleasure and joy to work with.
Andrew Cummings: He brings innovative and interesting ideas to the classroom, especially during tech.
Scott Armyn: Scott is always hard working, kind to all, helpful to his colleagues, and most noteworthy, cares immensely about the students.
Mary Guzman Lewis: Mary is so supportive of the teachers and students. I love that she always makes herself available when we need her.
Olivia Roberts: Olivia is a team player. She always says yes and has helped this building in every way possible. She has made great connections with all of the students here. She was extremely helpful with translating during conferences.
Jessica Martino: Jessica has been so flexible with incorporating social studies curriculum into her tech classes. She's easy to work with and has a wealth of technology expertise to show ‘old’ teachers like myself!
Risa Brachman: Risa is committed to her student’s long term success. She wants them to feel empowered with language that helps others recognize their strengths and talents. She is a bright light of warmth and dedication to the Woodhull students.
Dr. Cynthia Fletcher: Dr. Fletcher is quick to share ideas and materials that may help in my classroom. She is friendly, honest and kind and my students are excited to go to counseling with her! Thanks, Dr. Fletcher!
Karen Swanson: Goes out of her way to help anyone set up their Aimsweb and help with its many glitches. Karen works hard to see to it that Aimsweb is done properly, as well. She's a true professional, and always willing to pitch in and give a hand.
Jahaira Felix: Thank you for doing such a wonderful job translating during conferences and being a pleasant and positive addition to our Woodhull family!
Elizabeth Flanagan: Always goes above and beyond to answer questions.
David Behling: David is always so helpful! He greets me every morning and opens the door without me asking. He will carry in anything heavy I may need! He is so friendly and always has a smile on his face.