Huntington alum Sarah Biernacki plans to study acting at Ohio University.

New H-ton Alum Sarah Biernacki Settles into Ohio University

Huntington alum Sarah Biernacki plans to study acting at Ohio University.

August 25, 2021

Sarah Biernacki is quickly settling in at Ohio University, where the Huntington High School Class of 2021 member plans to study acting. It’s an exciting time for the teenager, who has been a standout on the stage for many years.

Ms. Biernacki is enthusiastically embracing this new phase of her life. She was a star performer throughout high school, acting, dancing, singing and growing as an artist in every conceivable way. She has been a mainstay in the high school drama club’s fall and spring productions and emerged as a remarkable vocalist.

A member of Huntington’s National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society chapters, Ms. Biernacki was named a Distinguished Senior after compiling a magnificent academic record.

Ms. Biernacki enjoyed her first day of classes this past Monday. “I think it’s very overwhelming, yet fun so far,” she said about Ohio University. “There’s a lot of systems to remember since the school is so big.”

The new Huntington alum said the key to her success has been finding a passion and surrounding herself with people who support and encourage her. “Being authentic and true” to herself has helped make Ms. Biernacki feel more confident and proud of her accomplishments.

As a senior, Ms. Biernacki engaged in a credit bearing internship with high school choir director and music teacher Victoria Garbarino. She played key roles in Huntington’s plays and musicals in each of the past four years, earning the respect and admiration of drama club faculty advisor Michael Schwendemann.

Ms. Biernacki said she most enjoyed Huntington High School classes “where students were able to have open and expressive discussions.”

From winning awards in the National History Day initiative to serving as student director with Woodhull Intermediate School’s drama club, Ms. Biernacki has explored her interests and thrived.

Those who know her best, from family and teachers to classmates and friends all agree that it’s only a matter of time before Ms. Biernacki takes command of the much bigger stage she’s now on at Ohio University.