Ainsley Proctor is set for a spectacular senior year

Ainsley Proctor Set for Spectacular Senior Year

Ainsley Proctor is set for a spectacular senior year

August 25, 2021

Ainsley Proctor is poised for a spectacular senior year at Huntington High School. She has kept busy this summer, using her time to explore possible career interests. The teenager is looking forward to a full complement of challenging classes, clubs and sports.

“Throughout the summer, I was a marketing intern at Legion Paper Corp. in Manhattan, where I learned many useful business techniques and was provided new opportunities in the professional community,” Ms. Proctor said. “It was an amazing experience to commute every day and work a real 9-5 job. I became very independent by navigating the city all by myself and working in a professional setting.”

Ms. Proctor is an energetic, articulate and friendly young woman who displays remarkable dedication to the things she values in life. “My plan for the new school year is to just continue to work hard in all of my classes,” she said.

The teenager is enrolled in six Advanced Placement courses with classes in economics, statistics, calculus, literature and composition, environmental science and Spanish. She will also participate in a credit bearing internship with math teacher Jordan Schessler.

“I am most excited for my math classes because I love to challenge myself in math and I am elated to be working with Ms. Schessler again and learning about teaching math, in addition to all the aspects that go into running a class,” Ms. Proctor said.

A kind, compassionate and considerate young woman, Ms. Proctor is highly regarded by her classmates and teammates, along with her teachers and coaches. She’s on the Blue Devil varsity swimming and lacrosse teams and serves as an officer in the high school’s National Honor Society, Math Honor Society and Key Club chapters.

Chosen by her classmates to be a Natural Helper, Ms. Proctor helps those working through difficult personal situations. She has also been inducted into the Science Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and English Honor Society and maintains a sky high academic grade average.

“My love of volunteer work has expanded into the Junior Welfare League, which is an organization for women who volunteer around the Huntington community,” Ms. Proctor said.

The senior is weighing the pros of cons of various colleges, but has reached no final decisions just yet, “but I would like to stay on the East Coast,” she said.

Ms. Proctor is investigating the possibility of pursuing a STEM related college academic major because of her love for both math and science. “It would be amazing to be a part of the change to covert the STEM field from male dominated to equal parts between men and women,” she said. “However, my Virtual Enterprise course experience has taught me about the business and entrepreneurship fields and I will also consider a career in that.”