Huntington Class of 2021 member Ryan Aguirre is headed to Fordham University.

Ryan Aguirre to Study at Fordham University

Huntington Class of 2021 member Ryan Aguirre is headed to Fordham University.

August 11, 2021

Ryan Aguirre is a remarkable young man. An actor, singer, dancer and all-around exceptional entertainer and presence on any stage, the Huntington High School Class of 2021 member is also an Advanced Placement Scholar with Honor. He is headed to Fordham University to study history.

A member of six separate academic honor societies, Mr. Aguirre graduated as a Distinguished Senior in recognition of his splendid record in all classes during every semester of the past four years.

Mr. Aguirre attributes his success to his “optimistic attitude, treating others with kindness and respect and always looking on the bright side.” He graduated with the respect and affection of all of his classmates and teachers.

While excelling in all of his classes, most of which were especially challenging AP courses, Mr. Aguirre said he really enjoyed gracing Huntington’s big auditorium stage for fall and spring drama and musical productions and special events, including the Key Club’s K-Factor talent show.

The relationships he formed, which blossomed into very rewarding friendships during rehearsals, will always be cherished by Mr. Aguirre. Simply put; he’s loved seeing his friends each day while attending classes alongside them.

President of Natural Helpers, Mr. Aguirre has a special knack for lifting the spirits of those feeling down about tough personal situations. He has patience, compassion and a degree of kindness that no one can surpass. He cares about others and it shows in how he conducts himself. It’s not just a show; it’s who he is.

Mr. Aguirre’s cheerful presence and spectacular talents will be missed by the high school’s faculty and underclassmen. But there is little doubt among his classmates that he will shine at Fordham University.

“Ryan is a fearless performer; unafraid to try anything and everything once he hits the stage,” said Michael Schwendemann, the high school’s drama club faculty advisor. “Whether in a published work or doing something of his own creation he has the uncanny ability to charm not only the audience, but his fellow cast members as well. The laughter he brought to the Huntington High School auditorium will echo long after his graduation. A fine actor and an awesome human being, he will be missed!”