Huntington Class of 2021 member Ludis Romero plans to study nursing at LIU Post.

Ludis Romero to Study Nursing at LIU Post

Huntington Class of 2021 member Ludis Romero plans to study nursing at LIU Post.

August 6, 2021

Ludis Romero has been one of the most understated members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2021. The talented teenager shunned the limelight, but nevertheless her star burned bright; very bright.

A good-natured young woman with a heart of gold, Ms. Romero plans to study nursing at LIU Post in Brookville. She earned high grades throughout high school, graduating as a Distinguished Senior.

“I want to study nursing because I’ve always wanted to care for others and help them feel better while being in the medical field and I feel that nursing will be a good choice for me,” Ms. Romero said. “I also want to contribute to my community and people’s lives. Although it’s a tough profession at times, it definitely comes with a positive incentive that I made an impact on someone’s life. It’s rewarding to me to know that I at least made someone feel better or healed them.”

A member of the National Honor Society and Italian Honor Society, Ms. Romero also tutored classmates. She said that “being consistent and responsible” with her workload and a strong work ethic has been the key to her success.

“Learning new things every day” has been the most enjoyable part of the past four years, said Ms. Romero. She said she “loved” having the opportunity to be creative in art classes and she took delight in science and social studies courses.

A loyal and compassionate friend, Ms. Romero was highly regarded by her classmates and teachers. It’s her kindness, intellectual curiosity and willingness to help anyone in need that all come together to make nursing a perfect career for the teenager.

LIU Post has a very well respected nursing program. It has far more applicants than it can possibly admit, but Ms. Romero’s outstanding academic record and personal qualities could not be denied.

“I felt that Huntington High School was a place where I learned and grew academically and as a person, too,” Ms. Romero said. “It prepared me well and I’m thankful for all the teachers and counselors there. Everyone is friendly and willing to help.”