Huntington High School senior Grace Wildermuth

Grace Wildermuth Strides Confidently into Senior Year

Huntington High School senior Grace Wildermuth

September 25, 2020

Grace Wildermuth’s senior year at Huntington High School is opening in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but she’s determined to have the best experience possible while remaining hopeful the health crisis will finally relent.

Ms. Wildermuth is a great student who contributes to every class she’s in. The teenager has won awards along the way and earned the affection of all of her teachers. She is excited about her senior year schedule.

“I’m really looking forward to economics, because it’s an interesting cross between math and human behavior and I’ve heard so many good things about that class,” Ms. Wildermuth said. “I’m also looking forward to calculus with Mrs. [Monica] Racz. I had her in ninth grade for geometry and she’s great at breaking down complex topics and connecting ideas.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing and school operations being anything but normal, Ms. Wildermuth is taking a wait and see attitude toward extracurricular activities and what she will be involved in, although she has her eye on some favorites.

“It’s hard to predict what the year is going to look like, but I’d love to do chamber orchestra, pit orchestra and jazz ensemble if things are safer later in the year,” Ms. Wildermuth said.

Considering her exceptional academic record, Ms. Wildermuth is well-positioned to gain acceptance to some of the top colleges in the country.

“Right now I’m looking at relatively small liberal arts schools that have strong music programs and strong academics,” Ms. Wildermuth said. “I don’t have one dream school, but at the top of my list are Northwestern, Vanderbilt and the University of Chicago. As of now, I’m planning on double majoring in music and something in the social sciences.”