Huntington High School senior Caroline Kilgour

Carrie Kilgour Among Huntington’s Most Determined Seniors

Huntington High School senior Caroline Kilgour

September 25, 2020

Carrie Kilgour is one of Huntington High School’s most determined seniors. The teenager is a confident young woman who has identified her interests and is pursuing them with enthusiasm.

Ms. Kilgour is drawn to a career as a music teacher and she’s also intrigued by stage production and everything that goes with it. She plans on studying both in college.

“This year, I am taking Multicultural and Holocaust Literature with Mr. [Michael] Schwendemann, as well as AP Micro/Macro Economics with Mr. [James] Graber, which should be very challenging, but very interesting,” Ms. Kilgour said. “I’m also taking Creative Video I with Mrs. [Heather] Swan, which should be very exciting as I’ve heard only great things about the class.”

The teenager is also participating in a credit bearing career internship with Huntington High School music teacher and band director Brian Stellato. Specifically, Ms. Kilgour is working with the junior band. “It’s truly and amazing opportunity,” she said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this is still shaping up to be a busy year for Ms. Kilgour. “I’m continuing my involvement with the environmental club, stage crew and performing a lot of community service throughout the year around the school and also in the community with Ms. [Allison] Von Vange’s Huntington Warriors and many other local and national organizations.”

The senior said she is “very proud” to have been selected as one of the Huntington Blue Devil marching band’s drum majors. “Due to Covid-19, we are unable to currently practice and compete,” Ms. Kilgour said. “The other senior band members and I hope to compete soon or at least be able to be with the band one more time before we graduate.”

While she is completely engaged in her current studies and activities, Ms. Kilgour is giving her future due consideration and evaluating various colleges and their programs.

“I want to pursue a major in music education and a minor in stage production in college,” Ms. Kilgour said. “I’ve been looking at many different schools, including Boston University, Temple University, University of Delaware, University of Vermont, University of Connecticut and a few more.”