Huntington High School senior Matthew Colavecchio

Senior Matthew Colavecchio Eyes Career as Math Teacher

Huntington High School senior Matthew Colavecchio

September 24, 2020

Matthew Colavecchio’s senior year at Huntington High School will be filled with Advanced Placement classes, service with the student government, writing for the student newspaper, Blue Devil football and a credit bearing internship with a video arts class.

“I’m excited to take all of my classes,” Mr. Colavecchio said. “I’m planning on being a math education major in college, so taking Advanced Placement Calculus AB is very important. I’m also taking AP Statistics in order to get a math credit for college. For science, I’m taking Regents Physics. I decided to take Regents instead of AP, since I am already taking four AP classes. I’m also taking AP Research; a follow up to AP Seminar. I find researching to be fun and I’m looking forward to my research project. Additionally, I’m taking Creative Video 2 after taking Creative Video 1 last year. I really enjoyed Creative Video 1 as it really allowed me to explore my creative and artistic ability.”

The senior is involved in a credit bearing internship with art teacher Heather Swan, who leads the video arts program. “So far, I’ve had good experiences with all my teachers, including Mrs. [Kristina] Morell, Ms. [Maria] Canino, Mrs. [Amelia] Saggese, Mrs. [Lynn] Hendricks, Mr. [Keith] Mattis, Mrs. [Sarah] Buchalter, Mrs. Swan and Mrs. [Lorena] Hickey,” Mr. Colavecchio said. “I’m looking forward to a great year with all of my classes.”

The teenager is involved in the high school’s student government and with The Dispatch, the student newspaper. “We do lots of activities in student government, including Florida Night, Safe Halloween and Stuff the Bus,” Mr. Colavecchio said. “Unfortunately, I don’t know how many of these things we will be able to do with the pandemic. For The Dispatch, we write articles about modern topics for the school newspaper. Out of school, I umpire baseball games at Huntington Tri-Village and referee, coach and play basketball at St. Hugh’s Church. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the upcoming season due to COVID-19.”

Mr. Colavecchio plays on the Blue Devil varsity football team. He’s looking forward to the season, which has been delayed to March 1 due to the ongoing public health crisis.

The senior is planning for a career as a math teacher. “I really enjoy math and I think teaching it and helping kids understand how to do it well would be a really cool job to have,” Mr. Colavecchio said. “Other possibilities for majors are still open, including social studies and political science.”

Mr. Colavecchio’s No. 1 current college possibility is SUNY Geneseo. “I visited the campus in July 2019 and it was very nice,” he said. “It seemed like a good fit for me. Other colleges that I’m looking at are Binghamton, Albany, Buffalo, URI, Delaware, UMass Amherst and Quinnipiac.”