Huntington High School senior Julia Steinberg (2)

Senior Julia Steinberg Displays Positive Outlook on Life

Huntington High School senior Julia Steinberg

September 24, 2020

Julia Steinberg has a very positive outlook on life, even in an era consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Huntington High School senior is determined to have a great year and to help everyone else have one, too.

“I am looking forward to Advanced Placement Environmental Science with Ms. [Nicole] Cooper because she makes class interactive and fun,” Ms. Steinberg said. “I am looking forward to Calculus with Mrs. [Joann] Ferazi. Frankly, this year I am looking forward to all my classes as this is my last year at Huntington High School and all of my teachers have been incredible the first two weeks.”

A friendly and happy teenager, Ms. Steinberg takes delight in interacting with and helping others. She is a bright, witty and well-informed young woman with a wide array of personal interests.

“I am hoping to continue to be engaged with community service organizations such as Helping Hands Rescue Mission and the UJA-Federation of New York,” Ms. Steinberg said. “I also hope to participate in clubs and student government if and when they are starting this year.

The senior plays on Huntington’s varsity soccer and lacrosse teams. Her academic schedule also includes classes in AP English Literature and Composition, Spanish V Honors and Participation in Government.

“This is such a different school year for all,” Ms. Steinberg said. “My goals this year are to push myself academically, learn at my internship, work and help plan and participate in school and community activities that will help all students, especially my senior class have a great graduating year.”

The teenager will also be involved in a credit bearing internship at 1212 Get Give LLC. “It’s a relatively new start-up company,” Ms. Steinberg said. “It is a ‘give back’ company that donates for every purchase. It deals in organic and sustainable materials. I am working with the founders and involved with marketing, which is what I am interested in studying in the future.”

Mr. Steinberg is upbeat, even on days when it is tough to be. She has a bright, effusive personality, which makes her popular with classmates, teachers and coaches.

“I think this year it is so important to be supportive of my school, my teachers and my friends,” Ms. Steinberg said. “I am really hoping that no matter what happens this year we can remember to find the joy and the fun.”