Huntington High School senior Kate Sheran

Kate Sheran Energetically Pursues Her Passions

Huntington High School senior Kate Sheran

September 23, 2020

Kate Sheran is a deep thinker. No academic area intimidates the Huntington High School senior, who is interested in eventually doing research in neuroscience and the cognitive sciences.

The teenager is an articulate and very well-informed young woman. She is up to date on all the issues of the day, including some of America’s most pressing matters.

Ms. Sheran earns top grades across the board. She is intellectually curious and very involved around the high school, where she participates in the club program, academic honor societies and the competitive dance team.

“I’m looking forward to taking Advanced Placement Psychology and AP Micro/Macros Economics in particular,” Ms. Sheran said. “I hope to pursue psychology in college and as a possible career path. Economics is new to me, but I feel that I’ll grow to love it and I’m excited to delve further into the course. I’m also taking AP English Literature and Composition, Spanish V Honors, Calculus and Physics.

Always striving to better herself, Ms. Sheran goes out of her way to expand her horizons. She cares about her fellow man and the world around her and she is passionate about her beliefs.

“I’m excited to be part of the senior internship program with Mrs. [Lauren] Desiderio as my mentor,” Ms. Sheran said. “I’m also looking forward to being president of the English Honor Society and returning as a Key Club administrative assistant. I’m also a Highstepper and I hope to have as much of a season as possible.”

The senior is considering a number of very well-respected colleges to continue her studies. It seems assured Ms. Sheran is destined to shine academically, artistically and every other way.

“Some of my top colleges are Tufts, Wesleyan, University of Richmond, Lehigh, Bowdoin and Franklin and Marshall,” Ms. Sheran said. “I hope to someday do research in cognitive sciences and neuroscience.”