Huntington High School senior Brianna Isaza

Senior Brianna Isaza Loves to Challenge Herself

Huntington High School senior Brianna Isaza

September 22, 2020

Brianna Isaza’s enthusiasm is contagious. The Huntington High School senior loves to learn new things and challenge herself. She gets excited discussing all of her classes and activities and what she’s planning for the future. Her energy is hard to contain.

“Some of the courses I’m especially looking forward to this year are Advanced Placement Biology with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck and AP US Government and Politics with Mrs. [Sarah] Buchalter and my career internship with Ms. [Anna] Fabela,” Ms. Isaza said. “I am looking forward to AP Biology because biology is what I plan on majoring in during college. I am looking forward to AP US Government and Politics because I have always wanted to educate myself more on how our government works and runs things as well as learning more about politics. I am also looking forward to my internship because Ms. Fabela was my Living Environment teacher during my freshmen year and she became one my favorites. She is the reason why I plan on majoring in biology in college.”

Ms. Isaza really enjoys diving into high school life and participating in as many activities as she can squeeze in. They have helped her grow in every way possible and provided her with an important outlet to explore her interests.

“I hope to be involved with current and new academic honor societies, as well as clubs such as Habitat for Humanity with Mr. [Robert] Gilmor as well as the AWOD club and Grandfriends club, which I’ve participated in for four years. I am now fortunate enough to be co-president of the Grandfriends club with Ms. [Suzie] Biagi. I hope that soon we can get back to normal and plan more events in the future. Although sports have been postponed, I hope for a great season with my team in both cross country and track and field.”

Like all of her classmates, Ms. Isaza is anxious for the ongoing public health crisis to abate and for the world to get back to how it was pre-COVID-19. In the meantime, she has embraced her new courses and is also spending time sketching out her future.

“Although I plan on majoring in biology, I am not set on it, but some colleges that I am considering are Hofstra University, Syracuse University, Stony Brook University, University at Buffalo and New York University,” Ms. Isaza said.