Huntington High School senior Jorge Cisneros

Jorge Cisneros Plans for Exciting Career in Medicine

Huntington High School senior Jorge Cisneros

September 21, 2020

Jorge Cisneros has big plans for the future. The Huntington High School senior is considering a group of excellent colleges and planning for an exciting career in the medical field.

“Some courses that I’m taking this year are Advanced Placement Government and Politics, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Biology, AP Italian, pre-Calculus (Beacon program that allows for college credit) and Senior Band,” Mr. Cisneros said.

The teenager studies hard and sets high standards for himself. He plans to pursue a career in medicine so Mr. Cisneros understands the importance of academic preparation and achievement.

“Overall, I’m excited to be a senior this year and I can’t wait to see what my senior year will bring,” Mr. Cisneros said. He has also signed on for a credit bearing internship with one of his favorites, Italian teacher Natalia Kopshti.

“This year I decided to challenge myself more by taking APs for most of my courses,” Mr. Cisneros said. “I’m really looking forward to my internship and AP Biology. The Italian languages is my third language and it comes naturally sometimes. Being an intern in an Italian course class has being one of my dream since my freshman year.”

Ms. Kopshti is out on a leave until early November, but Mr. Cisneros has been working with teacher Angela Gunsel, who has been filling in. “I really love the Italian culture and the language,” he said.

Mr. Cisneros said he is “excited” to be taking AP Biology, since he took biology as a freshman. “It’s cool to know things about your body and our environment,” he said. “Taking AP Bio will help me decide what I want to major in during college, so I’m so excited to work with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck.”

The senior said he “loves” getting involved in the high school and community. “Now I know it’s hard to be in an activity because COVID-19, but I have faith that this will come to an end and we will have our senior year back,” Mr. Cisneros said.

The teenager has been involved in the high school’s student government since his freshman year when he was the class vice president. Mr. Cisneros has been class treasurer the past two years and is the school-wide student government’s treasurer this year.

Mr. Cisneros is also a talented performer and he’s looking to take the stage again late next winter at the Key Club’s K-Factor talent show. He plans to perform again with very close friends Ryan Aguirre and Lily O’Heir. “We are not professional dancers, but we do it for fun and a good cause,” he said. “I’m just waiting for the day to go to all the activities that I used to do every year.”

As his senior year begins to unfold, Mr. Cisneros is continuing to work hard, while also giving the future the attention it demands.

“Some colleges that I’m looking at right now are SUNY and CUNY schools and some private school in the state, which I need to do more research about before I apply this fall,” Mr. Cisneros said “I started my colleges research at the beginning of my summer and all my applications and college essays are almost done. Some colleges that I’m looking at are Adelphi University, Columbia University, St. John’s University, Binghamton University, Cornell University and others. I’m really looking at colleges that offer a program to get my bachelor’s degree and physician assistant major at the same time within four years. My major is going to definitely be in the medical field with a minor in music or music performances.”