Huntington High School senior Valerie Rogel

Senior Valerie Rogel Pursues Her Interests with Passion

Huntington High School senior Valerie Rogel

September 18, 2020

Valerie Rogel pursues her interests with passion. The determined Huntington High School senior doesn’t cut any corners. She energetically gives her classes and extracurricular activities the attention they deserve and is enthusiastic about everything she does.

“This year, I am especially looking forward to taking Advanced Placement Calculus BC and AP Computer Science,” Ms. Rogel said. “Having taken a course through Harvard Summer School in the programming language R, which is used in statistical computing, I am excited to expand upon my current knowledge. I’ve heard positive things about all of my teachers and I can’t wait to broaden my perspectives in mathematics and the social sciences under the guidance of Mrs. [Monica] Racz and Mr. [James] Graber, respectively.”

Ms. Rogel is an excellent student. She works hard at it, spending many hours studying and reading and completing her work in a way that has always impressed her teachers. But she also sets aside time to enjoy numerous other interests, including the joy she derives from running.

“Despite challenges regarding extracurriculars in combination with social distancing, I’m anticipating a rewarding final cross-country season ahead,” Ms. Rogel said. “My team has been close-knit and stayed in contact, albeit separately, and I’m thrilled to lead upcoming freshmen in the sport I love most.”

The teenager likes to keep busy in and out of school. She has a varied set of interests that all seem to have a way of complementing each other. “Having been nominated as the vice president of Math Honor Society, I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with my classmates through activities and fundraisers,” Ms. Rogel said. Additionally, I’m looking forward to returning for a fourth year in the chamber orchestra. I am also an active member in my church.”

While her senior year is in its earliest days, Ms. Rogel is already giving the future the attention it demands. She’s thinking about colleges that might be a good fit and considering possible careers.

“The college search is definitely a little unfamiliar, but I have done a lot of research on the schools that would best fit my learning style,” Ms. Rogel said. “I am looking to attend a university that combines liberal arts with a high emphasis on research in all fields. My list is long, but a few of the schools that have caught my eye are the University of Virginia, William & Mary and Johns Hopkins. I am hoping to major in statistics and ultimately pursue a career combining statistics with issues that I am passionate about.”