Huntington High School senior Sarah Giarraputo

Sarah Giarraputo Plans Busy Senior Year

Huntington High School senior Sarah Giarraputo

September 17, 2020

Sarah Giarraputo plans to have a busy senior year at Huntington High School, with Advanced Placement classes, clubs and a credit bearing internship. She’s also sketching out her future, including sorting through various college possibilities.

The teenager is a great student. She’s won awards and earned very good grades. Ms. Giarraputo has put together an interesting schedule of classes that will help further explore her interests.

“I’m looking forward to AP Psychology and AP Macro/Micro Economics,” Ms. Giarraputo said. “I’m doing an internship with Ms. [Suzie] Biagi for her businesses classes as well so I’m very excited to be working with her and learning from her as well. I’ve taken almost all of the classes she teaches and I can’t wait to be on the other side of how they operate.”

The senior plans to volunteer with the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and participate in the student government. She is a Natural Helper, assisting other students as they try to navigate through challenging personal and family issues. She also plans to continue her involvement with the A World of Difference (AWOD) club, which promotes anti-bias and diversity programs that allow students to better understand the issues of prejudice and bigotry as well as providing a forum for exploring diverse viewpoints.

“All of these clubs are very involved with helping the community so I’ll be doing whatever I can to help out at events such as food drives and big events at the school,” Ms. Giarraputo said.

At this point in time, the teenager is especially interested in Syracuse University, Penn State, University of Indiana and Carnegie Mellon. “I’m planning on majoring in psychology and possibly minoring in human resources,” Ms. Giarraputo said. “I think I would do best in a career that’s mostly involved with helping others and solving the problems they come to me about.”