Huntington High School senior Alexa Rind

Alexa Rind Quietly Compiles Splendid Record

Huntington High School senior Alexa Rind

September 16, 2020

Alexa Rind is a mover and a shaker who has excelled over the past four years and quietly compiled a record that would make anyone proud. The Huntington High School senior has produced award winning work and she’s widely regarded as one of the top members of the Class of 2021.

President of Huntington’s Key Club, Ms. Rind is a great organizer with a tender heart. She’s kind and considerate and she wants to help others who really could use a break. She knows that she’s been blessed many times over and she strives to share that good fortune with others.

“I’m excited to work with my fellow Key Club officers and our faculty advisors to discover new ways we can help the community given the current situation,” Ms. Rind said. “I am also looking forward to GO student government, as I think we will be able to really help our senior class as well as the other classes try to make this year fun despite Covid-19.”

Ms. Rind is the student government’s public relations secretary and she has already been working with her fellow executive board members Isaiah James (president), John Holly (vice president), Jorge Parada-Cisneros (treasurer) and Drew Spina (recording secretary) on plans for the years.

“Some of the courses I am especially looking forward to taking are Advanced Placement US Government and Politics and AP 2-D Art and Design,” Ms. Rind said. “I don’t know much about most of my teachers yet, but after experiencing the first day, they all see really nice.”

The teenager has used her time wisely these past four years and sorted out her interests well. She is in a very strong decision to make a good decision when the time comes to choose a college.

“I am going to be applying to a wide array of colleges and as of right now, I am interested in studying courses related to politics, government and journalism,” Ms. Rind said.