Huntington High School senior Hallie Armengau.

Huntington’s Hallie Armengau Dances into Senior Year

Huntington High School senior Hallie Armengau.

September 11, 2020

Hallie Armengau is so closely associated with Huntington High School’s competitive dance team that many people don’t realize the senior has many other talents and interests.

Ms. Armengau possesses exceptional dance skills, to be sure. She’s been a key member of the Huntington Highsteppers, performing at a high level with the team at regional and national competitions and dazzling local crowds at halftime of games and during events such as the fall pep rally with her athleticism. But that just scratches the surface.

The teenager is excited to be taking AP Photography (Advanced Placement Studio Art: 2-D Design with a focus on photography) “to further my skills and learn new ways to tell stories through pictures,” Ms. Armengau said. She’s produced wonderful photos as an underclassman, but Huntington photography teacher Pamela Piffard-Williams believes the best is yet to come.

The senior said she’s “definitely interested in being more involved in Habitat for Humanity and hopefully going on builds to help out the community.” Ms. Armengau enjoys volunteering and helping make the world a better place so working on housing projects for those desperately in need of shelter is a natural activity for her.

The teenager is popular with her classmates. Ms. Armengau is energetic, focused, articulate and has a good sense of humor. She genuinely likes people and gets along well with everyone. She fits in perfectly at Huntington High School, where she moves around the building effortlessly and with confidence. “I think being friendly to everyone goes a long way,” she said.

Ms. Armengau has been a member of a local competitive dance company for many years. She’s a serious student of the art and was welcomed as a member of the Highsteppers.

“As of right now I am interested in studying physical therapy and my top schools are SUNY Cortland, Kutztown University, Temple University, Quinnipiac University and the University of Delaware,” Ms. Armengau said.