Huntington High School senior Ainsley Lumpe

Senior Ainsley Lumpe Commits to George Washington Univ.

Huntington High School senior Ainsley Lumpe

October 21, 2020

One of the best high school goalkeepers in the state, Huntington High School senior Ainsley Lumpe has committed to play for George Washington University’s NCAA Division I team.

The teenager has been nothing less than spectacular for the Blue Devils in the net. She committed to GWU over the summer and can’t wait to suit up for the college.

“I’m so excited to be continuing my academic career there and I can’t wait to spend my next four years in DC,” Ms. Lumpe said. “At GWU, I’ll be studying political science and international relations on a pre-law track. Hopefully, I will attend law school after my four years there.”

Her senior year is off to a great start. “So far I have really loved science research and working with Mrs. [Lori] Kenny and Mrs. [Deborah] Beck,” Ms. Lumpe said. “It’s my fourth year taking the course and I love the freedom and research experience I gain from that class. I’ve also really enjoyed taking AP Government and Politics with Mrs. Buchalter because I am planning to go to law school and learning about the basics on how laws are made and how the government works is extremely interesting.”

The senior plans to play on this year’s Blue Devil soccer team and participate in the high school’s student government and in the various academic honor societies that she’s been inducted into over the years.

Ms. Lumpe’s closest friends include Charlotte Maggio, Jordan Forte, Bella Algeri, Taylor Case, Alexa Amorison and Gigi Devoe “along with many other that it would just take too long to name,” she said.

Her friends are a loyal group. “Ainsley has been my best friend since sixth grade,” Ms. Forte said. “She is one of the hardest working people I know. She sure does know how to make everyone laugh while giving the best advice there is. There is no one I’d want to yell at me the way Ainsley yells at me on the soccer field. George Washington is beyond lucky to have her as a goalie.”

Ms. Lumpe is competitive in everything that she does. She is a high-performing young women, academically and athletically.

“Two teachers that I have really developed a relationship with and who have helped me tremendously through high school are Mrs. [Patricia] Avelli and Mr. [Joseph] Cohen,” Ms. Lumpe said. “They both have been so extremely considerate and really have looked out for me when I needed help from a teacher.”

Ms. Lumpe’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “Don’t be afraid to be outgoing and get involved at the start of high school,” Ms. Lumpe said. “The longer you wait the more amazing opportunities you miss out on. You want to be able to look back at high school and try to be happy with the effort you put in to make the best of your short time at Huntington.”

The teenager is excited to be headed to GWU to play soccer, but first she wants to enjoy every last day of high school that she can.

“I have had the most amazing experience at Huntington and would not trade it for anything,” Ms. Lumpe said. “Although we’ve definitely faced some obstacles, I’m really focusing on trying to make my last year the best year despite the circumstances.”