Huntington High School senior Ryan Aguirre

Senior Ryan Aguirre Grateful for Growing up in Huntington

Huntington High School senior Ryan Aguirre

October 20, 2020

Ryan Aguirre loves the thought of attending college in Manhattan and experiencing daily life in one of the greatest cities in the world. But right now, the teenager is a senior at little old Huntington High School, where he has emerged as one of the standouts in the Class of 2021.

Mr. Aguirre has quietly compiled a most impressive academic and co-curricular record and he’s far from finished. Even in the age of COVID-19 and all the changes the pandemic has necessitated, the teenager is still sparkling.

“A few courses that really interest me this year are Advanced Placement Environmental Science and AP US Government & Politics because they both cover topics that I am very passionate about and I am really looking forward to them,” Mr. Aguirre said. “I am also looking forward to working with Mrs. [Elizabeth] Casazza as I will be her intern this year and I really enjoyed having her as a teacher back in tenth grade.”

President of the high school’s Natural Helpers, assisting classmates who are wrestling with personal and families challenges is something that’s of the utmost importance to Mr. Aguirre.

The teenager intends to continue appearing on stage with the high school’s drama club and to keep volunteering with Huntington’s Key Club chapter. A member of many academic honor societies, Mr. Aguirre plans to participate in the activities of those organizations, too.

“Over the years at Huntington, I have met so many people and I’ve made so many friends that it’s hard to pick which ones are my closest because they’ve all been there for me at one point or another,” Mr. Aguirre said. “There hasn’t been a teacher in the school that I haven’t enjoyed working with, but a few teachers that I am close to are Mrs. [Lorena] Hickey, Mrs. [Lori] Kenny, Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi and Ms. [Maria] Canino.”

Mr. Aguirre gets along equally well with his classmates and teachers. He’s known as a kind, considerate and respectful soul who adds something unique and special to all of his classes and clubs.

The senior said one of the high school faculty members who has really “stood out for me” is English teacher and drama club advisor Michael Schwendemann. “Although I never had him as a teacher, I had him as a director and he really showed me my potential and allowed me to believe in myself because he believed in me,” Mr. Aguirre said.

The teenager’s advice to incoming ninth graders? “Even though it might be a little tough this year due to COVID-19, get involved as much as you can,” Mr. Aguirre said. “Whether it be joining clubs or going to school events it gives you a chance to meet all the wonderful people at Huntington and it makes your high school years so much more enjoyable.”

As he marches toward next June’s commencement, Mr. Aguirre continues to excel in all of his classes and contribute to all of the organizations that he participates in as a member.

“My dream is to go to school in New York City,” Mr. Aguirre said. “Right now I'm looking at schools like New York University and Fordham, but I’m also branching out to schools such as Drexel University and LaSalle University in Philadelphia.”

The senior has enjoyed many memorable days since he started his trek through the district. “I feel that my experience at Huntington was amazing,” Mr. Aguirre said. “I am so fortunate to have grown up in such a wonderful community where I’ve met some of the most amazing teachers and lifelong friends.”