Huntington High School senior Gigi Devoe

Senior Gigi DeVoe Enjoying Fun Experience in Huntington

Huntington High School senior Gigi Devoe

October 6, 2020

Gigi DeVoe is a well-liked Huntington High School senior. She has enjoyed a great experience these past four years, making good friends, developing productive relationships with several faculty members, participating in all three sport seasons and bringing her college and career interests into sharper focus.

“This year, I’m taking Environmental Science and I’m excited to work with Ms. [Nicole] Cooper because she is always very upbeat and I like the way she teaches lessons,” Ms. DeVoe said.

The teenager plans to play on the Blue Devil soccer team and run with Huntington’s indoor and outdoor track teams. She’s a fine athlete and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie of her teammates in both sports.

Ms. DeVoe counts classmates Jordan Forte Alexa Amorison Bella Algieri Ainsley Lumpe Taylor Case and Charlotte Maggio among her closest friends.

“Gigi and I have been great friends since kindergarten at Southdown School,” Ms. Case said. “She has always continued to be such a loyal friend from then until now and she has proved she always has each and every one of her friend’s backs. It’s great to know that if I ever needed her she is always there. I’m super excited to see where she goes after high school.”

Personal relationships are important to Ms. DeVoe and she centers her life around them. “Gigi has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember,” Ms. Forte said. “Gigi is someone that I can always go to for anything I need and she will be there for me in a second. She and I grew up together and I wouldn’t trade any of our memories for anything.”

The teenager has made productive connections with faculty members, too. “Over my four years at Huntington High School Ms. [Gina] Colica has always been there for me whether it be about school or my personal life,” Ms. DeVoe said.

Ms. DeVoe’s advice to incoming Huntington High School ninth graders? “Really take everything in over the next four years in because it really goes by so fast,” she said.

Right now, Ms. DeVoe is “going with the flow,” taking one day at a time and reflecting on what she might want to pursue in college and as a career.

“I haven’t really decided where I want to go to college, but I am thinking about studying education or special education,” Ms. DeVoe said. “Overall, my experience in Huntington was so much fun. There are so many good people looking out for you and I’m going to be sad to leave next year.”