Huntington High School senior Jah-Meer Sallet

Senior Jah-Meer Sallet Focused on Career Interests

Huntington High School senior Jah-Meer Sallet

October 1, 2020

Jah-Meer Sallet is happiest when he's on a soccer field filled with his Blue Devil teammates. The Huntington High School senior earned All-League honors last fall and he can't wait to take the field next spring for his final season.

Mr. Sallet is a superbly conditioned athlete with a mindset that doesn’t allow him to give an inch to any opponent. Yes, he’s a hardnosed competitor who goes full speed from whistle to whistle. That ruggedness has endeared him to his teammates and coaches John Pagano and Jason Suarez.

Nearly a month into the school year, Mr. Sallet is looking to excel in everything he does. He’s cognizant that every day that passes by is one day closer to graduation.

The teenager said he has especially been looking forward to classes in economics and personal law. “I’m also looking forward to working with Mr. Pagano during my career internship,” Mr. Sallet said. “I believe I have a lot to learn from him. Another teacher who I enjoy working with is Mr. [Keith] Mattis, who is one of my favorite teachers that I’ve worked with throughout my four years here.”

Much of Mr. Sallet’s life revolves around the sport of soccer. He plays it whenever he can and he’s become very good at it. He is set to play a central role on the Blue Devil squad next spring.

But Mr. Sallet is not entirely one-dimensional. He has many interests and various goals that keep him focused and busy.

“I’m highly motivated in helping this community, which has given me a lot,” Mr. Sallet said. “Throughout the year I plan on finding different ways to help the community.”

Mr. Sallet is interested in West Virginia University, University of Tampa and St. John’s University. “I plan on having a career in education or business management,” he said.