Huntington High School senior Kyle Green

Senior Kyle Green Expresses Appreciation to Huntington

Huntington High School senior Kyle Green

November 30, 2020

Kyle Green knows he has a good thing going here and he appreciates it. The Huntington High School senior loves the town and its people and wouldn’t think of ever leaving. It’s his home. Period.

Mr. Green plays on the Blue Devil football and indoor and outdoor track and field teams. “I played baseball in the past for Huntington in my freshman and sophomore years and I possibly may make a return back for my last year. I want to make my last year my best year in every sport I play.”

The teenager’s senior year is off to a good start. “Some courses that I’m interested in are African American Politics with Mr. [Kenneth] Donovan, Forensics with Mr. [Edward] Florea and Holocaust Literature with Mrs. [Gina] Colica,” Mr. Green said. “All three of them are very good teachers and they make students feel comfortable and willing to learn in their classes.”

Mr. Green has a long list of those he considers to be his “closest friends.” The group includes Chad Rowe, Mekai Butts, Nasir Youngblood, Anthony Joseph, Tyriek Mays-McKoy, CJ Kiviat, Karen Ulloa, Kassandra Mori, Katelin Smith, Jordan Forte, Gigi DeVoe “and many more,” he said.

Mr. Green said that Huntington High School social studies teacher Frederick Bisogno to be his mentor. “I’m actually his intern for this year and he has taught me a lot,” the teenager said. “I was blessed to have him for my freshman year and was blessed to have him again for U.S. History alongside Mr. [Anthony] Troffa. I love how Mr. B tries to make his class simple for everyone; how he goes in depth to explain different topics and his sense of humor.”

The teenager is friendly with many teachers and they have helped him grow as a student and as a young man. “My favorite teachers include Mr. Bisongo, Mr. Troffa, Ms. [Taylor] Hayes, Mr. Donovan, Mr. [Peter] Crugnale, Mr. [Erik] Bruckbauer, Mrs. [Danielle] Raguzin, Mrs. Colica and Ms. [Roberta] Williams from Finely,” Mr. Green said.

The senior encourages incoming ninth graders to “never be scared to face your fears and chase your dreams.” He’s always prepared to help guide an underclassman and give advice.

Mr. Green’s college plans are yet to come into focus. “I’m very undecided,” he said. “I don’t have any specific school that I am interested in yet. I want to become a physical therapist.”

The affable teenager will be missed when he graduates next June. He has a way of injecting a dose of humor into just about any situation.

“I love is town,” Mr. Green said. “This town is the only town I know and I would never switch up on it. I’ve been in Huntington since pre-school. I feel special to be part of this 2021 class. I’m close with a lot students in this class. This class has an unbreakable bond that others haven’t. Huntington has always been there for me to see my accomplishments and my failures. This town never turned its back on me and I would never turn my back on Huntington.”