Huntington High School senior Brenden Abedin

Brenden Abedin Looks Ahead with Optimism & Excitement

Huntington High School senior Brenden Abedin

November 9, 2020

Brenden Abedin is one of Huntington High School’s high-flying seniors. He’s accomplished so much over the past four years and he’s looking forward to the future with optimism and excitement.

Mr. Abedin has compiled an excellent academic record. He shows no signs of letting up as a senior and continues to enjoy the challenges posed by high-end courses while also seeking opportunities for community service with various organizations.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely put a damper on the traditional school program and extracurricular activities, Mr. Abedin manages to stay positive and soldier on.

“Advanced Placement Computer Science really interests me and could be a possible minor for me in college,” Mr. Abedin said. “Mr. [Nicholas] Wagner is definitely the teacher who I’m most looking forward to working with this year.”

Mr. Abedin plans to pursue a business major in college “and then go to graduate school where I can obtain a law degree,” he said. “I’m striving to become a lawyer. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember.”

The senior said he’s planning on performing community service with the assorted academic honor societies that he’s been inducted into over the years. “I’m also hoping that there is going to be soccer this year starting in March,” Mr. Abedin said. “However the most important thing to me is that there will be another build for Habitat for Humanity. Going to New Orleans last year was probably one of my best high school experiences.”

The teenager has been very close friends with classmates Alex Bellissimo and Jaden Italiano since the trio was in elementary school. They encourage and support each other and their loyalty is unsurpassed.

“Picking a specific favorite teacher is tough,” Mr. Abedin said. “I feel that I had a good relationship with all of them over the years.”

Mr. Abedin is very well liked by his classmates and teachers. He always finds a way to contribute something positive to all of his classes, teams and clubs.

“I’d advise incoming freshmen to enjoy every minute they have in the high school because time really does fly,” Mr. Abedin said.

At this point in time, the teenager is “most interested” in George Washington University, Fordham University and Northeastern University in Boston.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my years growing up anywhere else besides here in Huntington,” Mr. Abedin said.