Huntington High School senior Aidan Heller

Senior Aidan Heller Races Toward Finish Line

Huntington High School senior Aidan Heller

November 5, 2020

Aidan Heller likes to run. The senior competes with the Blue Devil cross country and track and field programs during all three sports seasons. He’s currently racing toward the finish line of his time at Huntington High School and looking forward to future pursuits.

“So far this year I am excited and interested to continue taking Advanced Placement Statistics with Mrs. [Lynn] Hendricks as I have always been intrigued by using statistics in practical matters,” Mr. Heller said. “I also look forward to learning from Mrs. [Kristin] Fortunato for my sixth and final year of Latin. Between her teaching and my classmates, this is a class I look forward to every year. I also am excited to have Ms. [Nicole] Cooper as a science teacher since she tremendously helped me my freshman year when I was struggling in biology.

The senior said he intends to once again suit up for the Blue Devil cross country, indoor and outdoor track teams. An member of the high school Key Club chapter’s executive board, Mr. Heller has also been inducted into the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society and Latin Honor Society. He’s a Natural Helper and also participates in the Latin club and yearbook club and he volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.

“Some of my closest friends are Andrew Florvil, Cameron Santa-Maria, Maison Maerz, Marcus Maerz, Luke Maffei and Andrew McKenzie, as well as several others who I would love to mention,” Mr. Heller said.

The teenager has been mentored by faculty member Kelly Krycinski. “She was my freshman year English teacher and is the advisor of Key Club so I have been close with her over the years,” Mr. Heller said. “She has helped me as a student and as a person throughout the past four years.”

Mr. Heller’s advice to incoming Huntington High School freshmen? “Be active within the school,” he said. “Joining teams and clubs is a great way to explore your interests and meet a ton of people that can help enhance your overall high school experience.”

The teenager is a great competitor and gets along well with all of his teammates. He conscientiously trains and is always ready to go when the day of the meet rolls around.

“I plan on pursuing a path somewhere in the sports and fitness industry,” Mr. Heller said. “I am currently looking into majoring in sports & fitness administration or kinesiology.”

Mr. Heller has a pleasant personality and a sly sense of humor. He is fun to be around and fits in perfectly well with everyone at the high school.

“Overall, I am very grateful for the experience Huntington has provided me and even more thankful for the relationships formed during my time here,” Mr. Heller said.